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Issued at 4:15pm, Tuesday 28th April 2015.
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Date Protection

Data Protection Registrar 661030


Manx Deaf Society 852988


Debt Counselling 686510

Diabetic Support

The Manx Diabetic Group is a self-help group for all diabetics in the Isle of Man, whether newly diagnosed or not. Contact Jim on 832317, Diane on 626576 or Max on 815814


Manx Foundation for the Physically Disabled 628926

Cerebral Palsy Helpline (SCOPE) 0800 626216

SCOPE in Mann 801189

Drug Abuse

For advice about drugs and the opportunity to discuss all aspects of drugs in a confidential and non-judgemental atmosphere call DASH, the local Drug Advice Service and Helpline, on 615622


Manx Dyslexia Association 315724