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Claare Ny Gael

Bob Carswell presents Manx Radio's bi-lingual programme, Claare Ny Gael, every Sunday night from eight until nine in both English and Manx Gaelic. The programme looks at Manx life and culture through a wealth of traditional Manx and Gaelic music.

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Claare Ny Gael

2ah Mee ny Nollick 2012 - 2nd December 2012

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Ta shin goaill toshiaght lesh daa arrane jeant er yn chragh tra hie yn baatey Ellan Vannin fo, 3ss Mee ny Nollick 1909 'syn Awin Mersey.  Agh cha nel shin jeeaghyn er yn chooish shen: ta shin jeeaghyn ergooyl as er-oi ec yn un traa - as shen er yn oyr dy row yn 'eaillere aareaghit mysh 260 blein er dy henney. 


We begin with two songs made about the disaster when the vessel, the Ellan Vannin, sank, on 3rd December 1909 in the River Mersey.  But we're not looking at that subject: we're looking behind and in front at the same time - and that's because the calendar was reorganized about 260 years ago.

Rere yn 'eaillere noa, va Laal Catreeney ayn hannah - 25oo Mee Houney.  Agh rere yn shenn 'eaillere, cha nel yn laa shen er jeet foast.  Ayns Mannin, 'naght cheddin as ayns buill elley, va ny cummaltee jannoo ard-eailley jeh ny nooghyn myr nagh row yn 'eaillere aareaghit, as myr shoh, cha jig yn laa shen, Laal Catreeney, derrey yn laa rere yn 'eaillere noa-emshiragh ta jeeaghyn dy ve yn 6oo Mee ny Nollick - Shenn Laal Catreeney.


According the the new calendar, St Catherine's Day has already been - 25th November.  But according to the old calendar, that day hasn't come yet.  In Man, in the same way as in other places, the inhabitants made a celebration of the saints as though the calendar hadn't been rearranged, and so, that day, St Catherine's Day, won't occur until the day which according to the new-style calendar appears to be 6th December - Old Style St Catherine's Day.

As ta caa dooin neesht clashtyn tooilley jeh'n skeeal scruit ec Brian Mac Stowell, Dunveryssyn yn Tooder Folley, goll er lhaih dooin liorish Chris Sheard.


And we have an opportunity to hear more of the story written by Brian Stowell, Dunveryssyn yn Tooder Folley (The Vampire Murders), being read  to us by Chris Sheard.


As nyn giaull - and our music -


The Ellan Vannin tragedy - RICHARD HAWLEY

Ellan Vannin remembered - BARBARA GLASSEY

Toutes directions - SONERIEN DU

Glan mor heli - CARREG LAFAR

Mairseail Ui Shuilleabhain -  BRENDAN BEGLEY

Bidh clann Ulaidh air do bhanais - ISHBEL MACASKILL

Kiark Catreeney marroo - BRIAN MAC STOWELL & PRASH Y JIASS


Villapourcon - BEDLAM

25oo Mee Houney 2012 - 25th November 2012

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Yn cheayrt s'jerree va red ennagh scruit 'sy voayl shoh, va shen mychione yn traa va raghlid ayns Mannin, lurg da'n Aspick George Murray shirrey jagheeyn er troaryn glassey, as er-lheh er praaseyn.  Cheayll shin meeryn ass coontey scruit ec y ven echey, yn Ven-Chiarn Sarah Hay Murray.  Gow my leshtal nagh row fys ry gheddyn mychione Claare ny Gael ayns shoh neayr's yn traa shen.  Agh yn cheayrt shoh reesht, ta shen feddyn magh tooilley mychione yn traa shen, as fockleyn yn Ven-Chiarn Sarah er y chooish.


The last occasion that something was written in this place, that was about the time there was violence in Man, after the Bishop, George Murray, sought tithes on green crops, and particularly on potatoes.  We heard extracts from an account written by his wife, the Lady Sarah Hay Murray.  I'm sorry that there's been no information to be had about Claare ny Gael here since that time.  But this time again, we're finding out more about that time, and the words of Lady Sarah on the subject.


As lesh taishbynys 'sy Thie Tashtee ayns Doolish er Reeriaght Vannin as ny hEllanyn, ta shin goll er-ash gys Recortys ny Reeaghyn dy gheddyn magh mychione yn chied 'er hug er bun yn reeraghtys v'ayn rish 250 blein, Godred Crovan, as baase yn ree s'jerree jeh'n reeraghtys shen, Magnus.


And with an exhibition in the Museum in Douglas about the Kingdom of Man and the Isles, we go back to the Chronicle of the Kings to find out about the first one who founded the dynasty which was in existence for 250 years, Godred Crovan, and the death of the last king of that dynasty, Magnus.


As nyn giaull - and our music -


Manannan - SKEEAL

Keep right on to the end of the road - SIR HARRY LAUDER

He mandu - Mrs KATE MacLEOD & chorus

Ffarwell fo i Langyfelach lon/Tregib/Ty croes bach yn rhiw


The mermaid - NIGEL BROWN

Gweli delyow - ANAO ATAO

Blackwaterside - PADDY TUNNY




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