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Claare Ny Gael

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Claare Ny Gael

15oo Averil 2012 - 15th April 2012

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Ren yn Titanic bwoalley noi yn chronk rioee mysh 20 minnid roish meanoie, 14oo Averil 1912, as hie eh fo beggan ny s'anmey, dy moghey 'sy voghrey, 15oo Averil.  Dooinney va ny Ard Fuinneyder er boayrd yn Titanic, as 13 deiney gobbraghey da, va'n ennym echey Charles John Joughin.  V'eshyn hene ruggit ayns Birkenhead jeh lught-thie Manninagh, as tra v'eh ny ghuilley, ren eh gynsaghey yn cheird fuinnee ayns shapp e vooinjer, John Joughin OCF, ayns Straid Vaayl, Purt ny hInshey.


The Titanic hit the iceberg about 20 minutes before midnight on 14th April 1912, and it went under a litle later, early in the morning of 15th April.  A man who was the Chief Baker on board the Titanic, with 13 men working for him, his name was Charles John Joughin.  He himself was born in Birkenhead of a Manx family, and when he was a boy, he learned the baking trade in the shop of his relative, John Joughin MHK, in Michael Street, Peel.


'Sy fillym A Night to Remember, hug ad er Charles John Joughin jeeaghyn gollrish sheer veshtallagh, agh, ga dy dooyrt eh dy ghow eh bolgum dy yough lajer, ren eh cooney dy chur mraane as paitchyn ayns baatyn (eer mannagh row ad arryltagh dy gholl stiagh ayndaue!) as cheau eh caairyn 'sy cheayn dy chooney lesh sleih floateil.  Tra hie yn Titanic fo, v'eh ayns yn ushtey rish kiare oor - ayns ushtey cho feayr as shen, ta sleih marroo lurg queig minnidyn, son yn chooid smoo!  As my vees alcoal goit oc, t'ad coayl chiass eer ny s'tappee na shen.


In the film A Night to Remember, they made Charles John Joughin appear to be a drunkard, but, though he said he took a swig of strong drink, he helped to put women and children in boats (even if they weren't willing to go in them!) and threw chairs in the sea to help people float.  When the Titanic went under, he was in the water for four hours - in water as cold as that, people are dead after five minutes, for the most part!  And if they've taken alcohol, they lose heat ever quicker than that.

As nyn giaull - and our music -




Nearer my God to thee - ANDRE RIEU

In the dance band on the Titanic - HARRY CHAPIN 

Theme from 'Titanic' - JAMES HORNER

It was sad when that great ship went down - WOODY GUTHRIE

Connie the soldier - SLIDE



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