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Issued at 11am, Tuesday 28th April 2015.
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 How Manx Radio is run...

Manx Radio is a public undertaking. It exists primarily to provide a public broadcasting service to the Isle of Man. Unusually for such a station, its services are funded jointly through an annual Government subvention and by commercial means.

Manx Radio is the principal trading name of Radio Manx Limited, the company licensed to operate the station.

This company was incorporated in 1960 by the Isle of Man Government but remained as a shelf name until April 1980. It was then activated as a vehicle to change the structure of Manx Radio, following a review of the station and its operation by Tynwald the previous year. Through the 1970s Manx Radio had been run by the Isle of Man Broadcasting Commission, a statutory body of Tynwald.

The shares of Radio Manx Limited are held by the Isle of Man Treasury.

To ensure that Manx Radio operates as a wholly independent organisation and is clearly editorially independent of Government the Radio Manx Trust was set up on the 10th April 2006.

The Company functions just as any other private limited liability company. It is subject to normal company law, it pays tax on its profits and has the same general responsibility of any trading concern.The Board of Directors is made up of three executive Directors and four non-executives including the Chairman.

The Board meets regularly to oversee the running of the Company and has quarterly meetings with the Radio Manx Trust, at which the service provided by Manx Radio is reviewed and discussed.

Beneath the Board is a management structure spanning the departments into which the Company is split,namely -

General Programmes
News and Current Affairs
Business and Administration

The managers responsible for each of the divisions report monthly to the Board.

Manx Radio's financial and performance year runs from 1st April. Each year, once its accounts have been externally audited they are made available to Tynwald together with the company’s annual report. This process ensures that the Company and the unique service it provides to the Isle of Man remain under constant public scrutiny.

Ownership and Operational Structure

                                                        THE TREASURY

                                                     RADIO MANX TRUST
                                             Ensures editorial Independence


Communications Commission      Licence Holder                             Tynwald agrees funding


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