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Issued at 10:45pm, Monday 27th April 2015.
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Reception Information

Manx Radio transmits from four sites around the Isle of Man. For technical reasons they each use a different frequency.

One site, located at Foxdale, broadcasts on the AM (Medium Wave) band and covers the whole Island. Three sites, however, are needed for Island-wide coverage on the FM (VHF) band.

The FM network carries our main service but this can also be heard on the AM frequency 1368 unless we are providing a choice of listening on AM such as the regular broadcasts from Tynwald, the House of Keys, Manx Radio TT and other Island sporting events. All the opt-outs are well publicised on our FM service.

Almost all radios these days are capable of receiving both AM and FM transmissions. Many also receive Long Wave and DAB transmissions but Manx Radio does not broadcast via either of these media.  Streaming audio of our broadcasts is also available via manxradio.com..

All the FM transmissions are in stereo and carry the Radio Data System (RDS) station identifier of "MANX FM". Follow the link for more information about RDS services.


FM Coverage

FM Coverage

These are the recommended frequencies for the areas shown. Because of the very hilly nature of the Island there are pockets of unpredictable reception, particularly on the fringes of these areas. If the recommended frequency does not give clear reception, try the others and judge for yourself which is best.


JURBY 103.7 MHz




CARNANE (Douglas) 97.2 MHz