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 Manx Radio Trust and how it came about

Manx Radio has had several operating structures since its inception in 1964. Through the 60's it was run privately and independently by the Isle of Man Broadcasting Company Limited but in the period 1969/70 was taken over by the Manx Government. Through the 70's it was in the hands of a statutory body of Tynwald, the Broadcasting Commission, which ran it by way of a Management Committee. The Commission comprised two Members of Tynwald and three members of the public, elected for their experience in fields significant to local broadcasting; examples being radio engineering and education.

The 1970's was also a period of protracted debate on the way Manx Radio should be run. 1973 saw the establishment by Tynwald of an Inquiry into the Future of Manx Radio, a major review under the chairmanship of Mark White, then Head of Radio 2 at the BBC. After the Inquiry reported, Tynwald set up its own Select Committee under the chairmanship of John Clucas MHK to examine the Report and advise Members on its implementation. That took things to 1975 when, not wholly content with the Select Committee's recommendations, Tynwald returned the future of the station to the Broadcasting Commission for it to make its own recommendations on what should be done, which were eventually accepted. The station continued to be run by a Management Committee set up by the Commission.

Matters came to a head again in 1979 with fresh public debate on the station's future, resulting this time in a decision to transfer the operation to a limited liability trading company and require it to be run along strict commercial lines. That transfer became effective on 1st April 1980.

The structure remained largely unchanged until the early 1990's, when the station became the subject of a major privatisation debate. After lengthy deliberations spanning almost 18 months, including the appointment of another independent Inquiry into the station's future, Tynwald accepted a recommendation that Manx Radio remains in public ownership and continues to be operated by Radio Manx Limited but that its protection from the risk of political interference be strengthened by the creation of the Manx Radio Trust. The Trust came into being in 1994.

In 2002 Tynwald commissioned the Darwin report to look at the future of broadcasting on the Isle of Man and in December of the same year the report was implemented. The report made various recommendations regarding “a new contract with the people of the Isle of Man” which led, on 10th April 2006, to the formation of The Radio Manx Trust comprising five trustees, made up of members of the public from a range of backgrounds.

Their primary role is to ensure that the Directors of Radio Manx Ltd and staff of the Company follow the terms of the Purpose, as agreed by Tynwald. The Purpose is as follows:

To provide a public service broadcasting service in accordance with current legislation which disseminates information education and entertainment, which is responsive to the taste interests and concerns of the whole community, with the programmes that reflect the varied elements which make up the culture of the people of the Isle of Man and has a special regard for the elements which distinguish that culture, where the programmes have a wide range in their subject matter having regard both to the programmes as a whole and also to the days of the week and the times of the day at which the programmes are broadcast, and where a sufficient amount of time in the programmes is given to news programmes and current affairs programmes which are of a high quality.

The Trustees meet regularly and have quarterly meetings with Directors of the Company.

The present trustees are:

Caroline Convery

Malcolm Hartley

John Knight

Chris Tunley

Eammon Harkin 

To contact the Radio Manx Trust you can write to them:
c/o Manx Radio
POBOX 1368
Isle of Man IM99 1SW

To e-mai the Trust, click here

To ensure the Radio Manx Trust carry out their duties an Enforcer has been appointed to whom the Trust report.