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Issued at 4:30 pm, Wednesday 1st October 1014.
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Occasional features otherwise a broad spectrum of exerpts from operas, popular and obscure, featuring singers from the early days of recording through to new releases with added items of musical theatre and operatic singers in lighter vein

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Latest News

There's still concern among some residents of Friary Park that the value of their houses remain depressed following recent newspaper articles.

It was claimed that the seventies built Cambar-Mantis houses, made of concrete panels held together with steel bolts, were nearing the end of their life, and that banks were reluctant to lend on them. more...

TravelWatch Isle of Man says the potential closure of Blackpool Airport is regrettable more...

A special set of stamps depicting Manx Radio's role as the nation's station mark half a century on-air. more...

There's a chance to find out more about careers in policing at an event in Douglas this evening. more...

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Business News

Deadline approaches for Blackpool Airport sale

Island based Citywing says it's optimistic a buyer can be found for Blackpool Airport to keep the facility open more...

Sports News

Manager proud of team

Isle of Man Football Manager Steve Burns is expressing great pride in his players who represented England in last week's UEFA Regions Cup more...