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Becoming less windy, but often cloudy with some showers developing.

Issued at 8:25am, Wednesday 1st April 2015.
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Latest News

The two and a half million pounds profit government has gained by selling its shares in Pinewood will go into reserves.

However, Treasury Minister Eddie Teare insists the partnership with the film company will continue to grow. more...

DoI has breached trust with local authority more...

There will be no daily newspapers in the Isle of Man today (Wednesday) more...

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Business News

Manx government sells half its Pinewood shares

The Manx government has sold almost half its shares in Pinewood film studios, for fifty per cent more than it paid for them more...

Sports News

Bacchas through to final

Bacchas "A" are through to the Bridgewaters Men's Hockey Cup Final more...