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Patchy rain at first.

Issued at Saturday 30th August 2014.at 8:30 p.m.
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Latest News

The Council of Ministers has given the go-ahead for a huge new motor museum in the north of the Island.

The plans, submitted by Denis and Darren Cunningham of Kirk Michael, would see a 5,800 square metre facility built on the airfield. more...

As gas bills are set to rise, Chief Minister Allan Bell has confirmed government is discussing future price controls with Manx Gas. more...

A new era of assessment for those claiming incapacity benefits is on the way - and those found capable of working will be expected to look for a job. more...

You can meet the animals and help plant crops in poly-tunnels at the community farm run by the Children's Centre today (30 August) more...

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Business News

Medical flight company bought

The company which provides emergency back-up to medical services in the Isle of Man has been bought out more...