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Cloudy with outbreaks of rain.

Issued at 4:15pm, Wednesday 1st April 2015.
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Latest News

Authorities in the UK have confirmed they’re investigating after two officers died on board a Manx-flagged ship last month.

The Maritime Accident Investigation Branch is probing the deaths of the Sally Ann C ‘s chief officer and chief engineer. more...

CityWing relaunches Blackpool route more...

A famous former resident of the Isle of Man has died more...

A Castletown man accused of murder has told the jury at his trial he doesn't know whether he caused the death of the victim more...

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Business News

Manx government sells half its Pinewood shares

The Manx government has sold almost half its shares in Pinewood film studios, for fifty per cent more than it paid for them more...

Sports News

Johnson first away in Lightweight T.T.

Gary Johnson will lead the field away for the Lightweight T more...