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Fine and becoming very warm in many places.

Issued at 11:45, Wednesday 23rd July 2014.
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Key figures in a government department are due to give evidence to a Tynwald select committee this morning (Wednesday).

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne, chief executive Nick Black and director of highways Jeff Robinson will appear before the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee at ten thirty. more...

The Steam Packet says it plans to put an extra vehicle deck aboard the Manannan for next TT. more...

The Department of Health and Social Care says it'll meet those affected by new care regulations to discuss the changes. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Staying sunny today with light to moderate east or northeasterly winds. Temperatures reaching a very warm 24 Celsius / 75°F inland, but the breeze will make windward coasts a few degrees cooler and fresher. Dry overnight as well, with temperatures no lower than 15°C.

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Sports News

Mark Cavendish will miss Glasgow

Mark Cavendish was still considering taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow right up to the last few days more...

Gaelic News

Charity's new CEO to challenge age prejudice

Ard offishear sheckteragh noa jeh sheshaght yiastyllagh, caggee ish noi ro vriwnys eashY leeideilagh noa jeh 'n çheshaght yiastyllagh Eash Vannin, t'ee gra dy jean ee caggey dy chur jerrey er ro vriwnys noi shenn sleih. Eear MP sy Phartee Obbraghys Helen more...