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Issued at 8.30pm, Thursday 18th September 2014.
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A Castletown commissioner says he thinks the government’s made a real mess of means testing for social housing.

Kevin Weir, who sits on Castletown’s board, says he can barely believe the Department of Social Care doesn’t have the powers to means test, despite the then Minister Chris Robertshaw MHK announcing he would do so earlier this year. more...

A man has been arrested and bailed on suspicion of importing controlled drugs. more...

The first exhibition of the work of a local potter opens this evening (Thurs 18th) more...

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Business News

Students and employers gain from STEP scheme

Island undergraduates who took part in this year's STEP scheme have been praised for their enterprise and innovation more...

Gaelic News

Critic upbeat about future of Island film

Cremeyder lane yerkallagh son jeidjys fillym yn Ellan sy traa ry heetFer jeh ny filmyn jerrinagh va paart jeh jeant syn Ellan, oddagh eh ve feer speeideilagh as cooney lesh goo mie yn Ellan ayns seihll ny filmyn. Shen y credjue more...