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Cloudy with a little light rain possible.

Issued at 10:45 pm, Wednesday 26th November 2014.
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The Manx Utilities Authority has been fined £17,000 after a wall collapsed in Peel, killing a worker.

Laurence Gell, a worker with the former Water and Sewerage Authority, died in December 2012 while working to replace a pipe in the town. more...

The head of the Financial Supervision Commission tells a Tynwald committee lessons were learned from the Louis Group winding-up. more...

Two great great grandsons of a revered Manx Victorian engineer have become Manx ambassadors in America after a visit here. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Mostly cloudy and dull again today, and although dry for much of the time there is still a small risk of a few patches of light rain and drizzle. The southeasterly winds will gradually increase, becoming fresh in places after dark, with the maximum temperature 10 or 11°C. Tonight will be mostly dry and cloudy, the minimum temperature around 8°C.

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Business News

Mark Gilson appointed as MD of Capital International Ltd

Capital International Group has announced the appointment of Mark Gilson as Managing Director of Capital International Limited, the main operating company within the Group more...

Gaelic News

Happy birthday Manx Radio!

Laa ruggyree sonney, Radio Vannin Jelune, haghyr y mullagh jeh jannoo ardeailley jeh'n jeihoo chione bleeaney as daeed jeh Radio Vannin.Coraaghyn caarjoil as cooinaghtyn ennoil orroo veih'n lieh cheead blein hie shaghey, haink ad ry cheilley feiy'n laa marish ny more...