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Gradually becoming less windy.

Issued at 11 pm, Tuesday 31st March 2015.
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Major excavation works on the Poortown Road outside St John's are being carried out by the Department of Infrastructure - before planning permission's been granted.

It's understood the site - an open field next to the quarry owned by the DoI - will be used to deposit silt dredged from Peel marina. more...

Local authorities across the Island are to preparing to offer a range of public services passed on to them by central government. more...

The Island's capital gets a new mayor. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Clear spells for the rest of tonight and only isolated blustery showers, these wintry over the hills. The strong to gale force west or northwest winds will ease slightly later, with temperatures falling generally to 3 or 4°C but close to freezing over the hills, giving a risk of icy patches on the highest roads.

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Business News

Manx government sells half its Pinewood shares

The Manx government has sold almost half its shares in Pinewood film studios, for fifty per cent more than it paid for them more...

Gaelic News

Former Minister criticises backbench contributions

Eear Shirveishagh cremmey toyrtyssyn focklagh veih cooyl vinkeyrynEear Shirveishagh son polasee as aa chummey Chris Robertshaw, t'eh gra "molleydagh" rish quallid toyrtyssyn focklagh va currit er y gherrid ec Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed veih ny cooyl vinkyn.Jirree Mnr Robertshaw more...