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Issued at 4:30am Thursday 24th April 2014
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The drug policies of the British Isles will come under scrutiny from a top scientist at a free talk in Douglas next week.

Professor David Nutt is delivering ‘The truth about drugs: a basis for a fair and rational policy?' at the Manx Museum on Monday evening. more...

There's a chance to race against motorcycling stars James Toseland and Conor Cummins this afternoon. more...

The Manx Wildlife Trust says it's keeping an eye on wildlife as the government fells trees at risk from disease. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Dry with sunny intervals and light breezes, but low cloud will linger over the hills and around southern coasts with the best of the sunshine in the North. Temperatures 15 Celsius but a few degrees cooler where the cloud lingers.

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Business News

Tax deadline approaches

The Island’s taxman is reminding people to submit contractor’s and employer’s tax returns as this year’s deadline approaches more...

Gaelic News

Pedal power boost as Peel Road cycle lanes open

Niartaghey roareyryn liorish lhoanyn roar ayns Raad Phurt ny h InsheyGleashtaneyryn ta gymmydey Raad Phurt ny h Inshey ayns Doolish, t'ad goll er greinnaghey dy chur arrym da lhoanyn roar noa ny chied lhoanyn roar syn Ellan t'er raad mooar.Ta more...