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Mostly cloudy.

Issued at 16:50, Thursday 27th November 2014.
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21-time T.T. winner John McGuinness is to ride the 1992 Senior winning Norton of Steve Hislop at next year's Classic T.T..

The main theme of the meeting is a celebration of British motorcycle brand Norton. more...

Valkyrs "B" are through to the Bridgewater Mixed Plate Final more...

Peel in memorable cup win more...

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Generally dry this evening and tonight, and still cloudy for much of the time, with moderate or fresh southeasterly winds becoming a little stronger. Temperatures dipping to 7 or 8°C in most places.

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Gaelic News

Happy birthday Manx Radio!

Laa ruggyree sonney, Radio Vannin Jelune, haghyr y mullagh jeh jannoo ardeailley jeh'n jeihoo chione bleeaney as daeed jeh Radio Vannin.Coraaghyn caarjoil as cooinaghtyn ennoil orroo veih'n lieh cheead blein hie shaghey, haink ad ry cheilley feiy'n laa marish ny more...