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Remaining hot tomorrow.

Issued at 11.00 pm, Thursday 24 July 2014.
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Four Manx swimmers have qualified for semi-finals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Charlotte Atkinson was 11th in the 100m Butterfly and Grant Halsall came 15th in the 100m Backstroke. more...

Team Isle of Man has settled in well at the Games Village at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow more...

Curran raises the bar before Glasgow more...

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Staying dry and clear overnight, but sultry with temperatures falling no lower than 15°C.

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Guernsey has business advantage over IoM, claims airline boss

Ta vondeish ghellal ec Guernsey er Mannin, ta fer toshee lhuingys aer graArd Offishear Sheckteragh lhuingys aer Ghuernsey, t'eh er chraidey mysh yn aght ta Mannin croghey er easyJet son troailt gys as veih Gatwick.Aurigny Air Services (ny Shirveishyn Aer more...