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Mainly dry.

Issued at 22:45 on Wednesday, 4th March 2015.
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An Island e-gaming company is closing its doors tomorrow (Thursday) after 15 years, with the loss of 11 jobs.

Betinternet, based in Nelson Street in Douglas, says it’s closing its fixed-odds betting and games business to focus on its activities in the American market. more...

The Sefton Group and the Steam Packet Company have teamed up for a special offer for potential holiday-makers from the North West of England. more...

Singer Jenny Hill has become the 2015 Next Big Thing, Manx charity Junior Achievement’s annual talent contest for 10 to 17-year-olds. more...

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Staying dry overnight although turning cloudy. Minimum temperature 4°C, with the southwesterly breeze slowly freshening.

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Gaelic News

Former Minister criticises backbench contributions

Eear Shirveishagh cremmey toyrtyssyn focklagh veih cooyl vinkeyrynEear Shirveishagh son polasee as aa chummey Chris Robertshaw, t'eh gra "molleydagh" rish quallid toyrtyssyn focklagh va currit er y gherrid ec Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed veih ny cooyl vinkyn.Jirree Mnr Robertshaw more...

Sports News

Higgins notches up US win number two

Manx Rally ace David Higgins has taken a dominant victory at the second round of the 2015 Rally America Championship more...