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Dry overnight but fairly chilly.

Issued at Sunday 23 November 2014 at 8:40 p.m.
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A Manx company’s been set up to build a gas pipeline 1,100 miles long across Asia.

The TAPI Pipeline Company will build, own and operate the planned pipeline which will run across Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. more...

The recently launched VisitIOM will promote its offer at the Motorcycle Live show at the Birmingham NEC arena later this month. more...

A premium Isle of Man Creamery cheese has won two accolades at the World Cheese Awards in London. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Dry overnight with light to moderate winds from around a westerly direction. Lowest temperature in the range 6 to 8 Celsius on the coastal fringes but falling nearer to 2 Celsius in upland areas and some sheltered lower-lying spots, bringing the risk of a ground frost.

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Gaelic News

Union questions legality of pensions reforms

Ta sheshaght cheirdey feyshtey leighoilid aa chummey penshynLught heshaght cheirdey skimmee yn reiltys, Prospect, t'ad gra dy jean ad scrutaghey gagh fockle jeh treealtyssyn noa, oddagh geginagh e h olteynyn dy eeck tooilley son nyn benshynyn son lhiassyn sloo.Yn çhiaghtin more...