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Mostly dry. Strong winds easing gradually.

Issued at Saturday 20 December 2014 at 09:30.
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The Island's credit rating with Moody's has remained the same, Aa1, which has been welcomed by Treasury Minister Eddie Teare.

The agency said the, "...rating and stable outlook reflect the Island's resilient economy and the government's robust finances. more...

An audience of more than 200 from Island financial services firms has wised-up to substantial changes in the local and international tax environment. more...

Barclays' Isle of Man contact centre team has won an excellence award for achievement in business to business communications.

Current Weather Conditions

Mostly dry today with bright or sunny intervals, but the odd shower can't be completely ruled out. Maximum temperature 8° but feeling cold in the strong northwesterly winds. Thicker cloud will spread from the west tonight but it should stay dry. Minimum temperature 6°C.

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Post Office and Nunnery the focus of Keys questions

Arrey currit da'n Oik Postagh as da'n Ynnyd Ollooscoill ayns feyshtyn sy Chiare as FeedVa daa Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed soit dy gheddyn laue yn eaghtyr er feyshtyn sy Chiare as Feed jea (yn çheyoo laa jeig Mee ny more...