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Mostly dry, with just a little rain for a short time tomorrow.

Issued at 10:10pm, Monday 28th July 2014.
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The Department of Economic Development says it’s looking for people who can sell the Isle of Man in China.

It’s inviting expressions of interest for two roles – overseas business representation and overseas media services. more...

A Texas billionaire faces huge penalties after using Manx trusts to hide share deals. more...

The Treasury has announced a number of changes to its sanctions against individuals and organisations in various countries around the world more...

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Dry overnight, although with increasing cloud later. Light or moderate west or northwest winds. Minimum temperature 13°C.

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Manx News

Drink drive penalty warning from police

Those considering flouting the drink driving laws in the Isle of Man are being warned they will face the consequences more...

Gaelic News

Guernsey has business advantage over IoM, claims airline boss

Ta vondeish ghellal ec Guernsey er Mannin, ta fer toshee lhuingys aer graArd Offishear Sheckteragh lhuingys aer Ghuernsey, t'eh er chraidey mysh yn aght ta Mannin croghey er easyJet son troailt gys as veih Gatwick.Aurigny Air Services (ny Shirveishyn Aer more...