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Issued at 11:10 am, Tuesday 2nd September 2014.
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The Island’s coroner of inquests has opened and adjourned a hearing into the death of a Festival of Motorcycling competitor.

Timothy Sommers Woodhead of Whitstable in Kent died in an incident during the final practice sessions of the festival. more...

Police are investigating a report of what they describe as a "malicious and nasty" email money scam, which involves a number of threats of violence being to the recipient of the email. more...

After a blistering start, the end of summer was unseasonably cold and windy. more...

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Dry today, and the cloud cover should gradually thin and break to give sunny spells. Light winds, and feeling pleasantly warm as temperatures rise to 19 or 20°C. Tonight will continue dry, with lowest temperatures around 9°C.

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Residents vow to fight 'green gap' housing scheme

Cummaltee guee dy jean ad caggey noi skeim thieys ayns 'baarney ghlass'Cummaltee jeh cul de sac er gerrey da Balley Chashtal, t'ad gra dy jean ad caggey foastagh, erreish daue v'er choayl caggey dy lhiettal thieyn noa veih goll er more...