Eden Park


Dry at first, but turning wet and windy later.

Issued at 5.00 am, Saturday 1st November.
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A property in Farmihill is under police guard this morning after a serious incident in the early hours.

At around 1:40am police were called to a disturbance at a house on Hilltop Rise. more...

A new appointment within the Isle of Man's Economic Development Department shows how seriously Government takes tourism. more...

A major fundraising effort by a local charity is into its second day. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Dry and bright this morning with some sunshine, but cloud will increase around lunchtime with rain then arriving mid to late afternoon, this turning heavy at times and continuing into the evening. Winds will steadily increase to become strong to gale force from the south by late afternoon, with the best temperature 13 or 14 Celsius. Tonight winds will soon ease, with the last of the rain clearing later in the night.

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Gaelic News

Valentine family criticises Department of Home Affairs

Lught thie Valentine cremmey Rheynn Cooishyn SthieY lught thie jeh ben va marrit er raad Tholt y Will ayns Mee Averil, t'ad er chremmey ny lughtyn reill son nagh loayr ad roo ny smoo. Hooar Gwen Valentine baase lurg jee v'er more...