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Becoming drier for a time this afternoon, before rain returns this evening.

Issued at Midday, Tuesday, 23rd September 2014.
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There's further local authority opposition to Dandara's plans for a 144-home development on the outskirts of Peel.

The majority of those who attended a requisition meeting in the town last night made it clear, along with Peel Commissioners, that they didn't want the properties to be built. more...

Manx Litfest is giving budding scribes the chance to learn more about their craft more...

The Department of Infrastructure has revealed the next phase of work in Ramsey’s ongoing regeneration project more...

Current Weather Conditions

This afternoon will remain rather cloudy but will be mostly dry with just the odd light shower possible, before more persistent rain returns this evening. The south-westerly wind will gradually freshen with maximum temperature around 17°C. The rain will clear to the southeast early tonight, bringing clearer conditions across the island, but with some scattered showers still likely. Minimum temperature of 12°C with a moderate to fresh north-westerly wind.

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Business News

US investment strategist offers upbeat equities message

Island wealth management firm Cannacord Genuity is hosting an evening dinner presentation tonight (23 Sept) by the firm's US strategist Tony Dwyer more...

Gaelic News

Critic upbeat about future of Island film

Cremeyder lane yerkallagh son jeidjys fillym yn Ellan sy traa ry heetFer jeh ny filmyn jerrinagh va paart jeh jeant syn Ellan, oddagh eh ve feer speeideilagh as cooney lesh goo mie yn Ellan ayns seihll ny filmyn. Shen y credjue more...