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Showers at first soon dying out

Issued at 4.30pm Saturday 22 November
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Douglas retailers have welcomed the Department of Infrastructure's compromise on parking charges in the town in the run-up to Christmas.

Speaking live on Manx Radio on Saturday morning, Strand Shopping Centre Manager John Shakespeare, who also sits on the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee, said it had been vital to retain an element of free parking. more...

The Motorcycle Live show opens at the NEC in Birmingham today more...

Peel Lifeboat has released details of a difficult rescue it carried out in poor conditions yesterday morning more...

Current Weather Conditions

Still a chance of a shower at first this evening but soon clearing to leave a dry night with a mainly light west or northwesterly breeze. The cloud will gradually thin overnight but temperatures should stay up around 3 or 4 Celsius with perhaps a ground frost in a few of the most sheltered shots by the end of the night

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Union questions legality of pensions reforms

Ta sheshaght cheirdey feyshtey leighoilid aa chummey penshynLught heshaght cheirdey skimmee yn reiltys, Prospect, t'ad gra dy jean ad scrutaghey gagh fockle jeh treealtyssyn noa, oddagh geginagh e h olteynyn dy eeck tooilley son nyn benshynyn son lhiassyn sloo.Yn çhiaghtin more...