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Cloudy but mainly dry.

Issued at 08:45 on Thursday, 5th March 2015.
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A change of tactics by police struggling to contain the spate of burglaries across the Island, has been ridiculed by nationalist organisation the Celtic League.

The group has branded the force's latest strategy - to limit information made public about where and when crimes have taken place - as 'ludicrous'. more...

A scrutiny committee has been told the Transforming Government programme has made savings of £15 million across the board. more...

Schools around the Island are celebrating World Book Day, an initiative marked in 100 countries around the world. more...

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Breezy and mostly cloudy today but with a few brighter spells possible, it should stay generally dry although the cloud may be thick enough to give some patchy drizzle at times. Maximum temperature 10°C.

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Business News

Singapore law change blamed for Betinternet closure

The closure of an established Isle of Man e-gaming company was the result of changes to internet gambling laws in Singapore, according to a respected industry figure more...

Gaelic News

Former Minister criticises backbench contributions

Eear Shirveishagh cremmey toyrtyssyn focklagh veih cooyl vinkeyrynEear Shirveishagh son polasee as aa chummey Chris Robertshaw, t'eh gra "molleydagh" rish quallid toyrtyssyn focklagh va currit er y gherrid ec Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed veih ny cooyl vinkyn.Jirree Mnr Robertshaw more...