Eden Park


Quite windy, and wet at times.

Issued at 6:00 am, Monday 22nd December.
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The man who died following a collision on Richmond Hill in the early hours of Saturday morning has been officially named by police.

He was Robert James Campbell, a 31-year-old from Santon who taught PE at St Ninian's High School. more...

The so called "age timebomb" is a misnomer more...

A group seeking to set up a credit union on the Island is urging the government to 'get moving' on the scheme more...

Current Weather Conditions

A cloudy and dull day with outbreaks of rain and drizzle developing, these perhaps quite heavy at times, and the southwest winds will continue to be strong all day. Temperatures around 11 or 12°C. Tonight will see further periods of rain

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Business News

Island retains Moody's Aa1 rating

The Island's credit rating with Moody's has remained the same, Aa1, which has been welcomed by Treasury Minister Eddie Teare more...

Gaelic News

Post Office and Nunnery the focus of Keys questions

Arrey currit da'n Oik Postagh as da'n Ynnyd Ollooscoill ayns feyshtyn sy Chiare as FeedVa daa Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed soit dy gheddyn laue yn eaghtyr er feyshtyn sy Chiare as Feed jea (yn çheyoo laa jeig Mee ny more...