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Rain at first, clearing later.

Issued at Tuesday 30 September at 4:30pm.
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The Steam Packet is increasing the number of sailings to Liverpool in 2015.

It comes after an increase in the number of people travelling to Merseyside this year. more...

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, there is a great opportunity to do so from this Wednesday more...

Those who work to keep the Isle of Man's lifeboats afloat have been thanked by the head of the organisation. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Outbreaks of rain at first this evening will soon turn patchy then become dry later as the brisk southerly winds turn west or southwesterly and ease. Lowest overnight temperature near to 13 Celsius.

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Sports News

Kennaugh and Swift only GB finishers in world champs road race

The two Isle of Man riders competing for Great Britain in the UCI Road World Championships elite men's road race acquitted themselves well in what was a gruelling contest more...

Gaelic News

Big response to Isle of Man 2020

Freggyrt mooar rish Mannin 2020Yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Heear, Chris Thomas, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeant booiagh ec y reggyrt choud as shoh rish y derrey reih echey, shalee gollrish Resoonaght Vooar y reiltys.Ta Mannin more...