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Staying dry overnight.

Issued at 8.30pm, Thursday 18th September 2014.
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Cremeyder lane-yerkallagh son jeidjys-fillym yn Ellan sy traa ry-heet

Fer jeh ny filmyn jerrinagh va paart jeh jeant syn Ellan, oddagh eh ve feer speeideilagh - as cooney lesh goo mie yn Ellan ayns seihll ny filmyn. more...

Theay Vannin cuirrit gys y Resoonaght VooarHed sleih ass theay Vannin er cuirrey dy persoonagh dy ghoaill ayrn ayns resoonaghtyn mychione cummey Reiltys Vannin sy traa ry heet.Brishey yn tradishoon jeh çhaglymyn theayagh foshlit, keeadyn dy chummaltee, reiht gyn tort more...

Jerkalys son ram barelyn ayns resoonaght ashoonaghTa lughtyn reill ynnydagh yn Ellan fuirraghtyn d'eddyn magh cre'n ayrn vees oc ayns resoonaght heayagh feiy yn Ellan, bentyn da aghtyn noa shirveishyn theayagh y chiarail. Hannah, ta'n reiltys er vockley magh dy vel more...

Current Weather Conditions

Tonight will be dry with some clear spells and a light to moderate east or north-easterly wind, with temperatures falling as low as 13°C.

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Students and employers gain from STEP scheme

Island undergraduates who took part in this year's STEP scheme have been praised for their enterprise and innovation more...