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Mostly dry but windy.

Issued at 5am on Saturday 25th october 2014
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S'mie dy ve taggloo, as Ard-Shirveishagh

Screeuyn veih'n Çhirveishagh son Bun-troggalys gys ny lughtyn-reill ynnydagh mygeayrt yn Ellan, ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh Allan Bell gra dy vel eh jerkal dy jean shen leeideil gys resoonaght cheeallagh mychione kiarail shirveishyn theayagh. more...

Leeid y Loayreyder çhaghteraght chooinaghtyn ass ManninVa Loayreyder y Chiare as Feed ny oltey jeh çhaghteraght chooinaghtyn hug shilley er magheryn caggee Flanders Jelune. Steve Rodan, marish Alex Downie, Oltey jeh'n Choonceil Slattyssagh, v'ad ayns Kent son çhaglym elley jeh'n Cho more...

She 'naight mie' son y margey soccar, ta dellal eeasteeTa enmyn er nyn gur gys dellal elley son queig bleeaney son y bargane soiagh jeh'n guirrlann ec Cornaa. S'lesh yn reiltys y guirrlann.Ta'n Rheynn Çhymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys er ghra more...

Current Weather Conditions

Dry today with sunny intervals. There will be a strong southwest wind, with highest temperatures 14 Celsius.

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Local advocate listed in Global Who's Who

Advocate John Rimmer is celebrating his nomination in one of the legal industry’s most prestigious global listings having been nominated amongst the Most Highly Regarded Individuals for offshore litigation in the Who’s Who Legal: Private Clients 2014 more...