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Winds easing this evening and overnight. Rain tomorrow.

Issued at 5:00 pm, Tuesday 21st October
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Shegin da'n Ellan jannoo baghtal raad t'ee ny shassoo

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra dy lhisagh Mannin shaghney çheet dy ve tayrnit stiagh ayns resoonaght erbee mychione jee-veanaghey. more...

Cur twoaie da sterrymyn greiney Ga dy vel earish sterrymagh er ve jannoo er yn Ellan er y gherrid, ec y traa cheddin lhisagh shin cur twoaie da ny reddyn oddys ve jeant ec sterrymyn greiney. Shen coardail rish oayllee rollageydys more...

Scrutaghey skeimyn thooilleySkeimyn ry hoi sharaghey Raad Phurt ny h Inshey as Raad Finch ayns Doolish, v'ad goll er scrutaghey moghrey Jelune. Bing scrutee Tinvaal cour polasee çhymmyltaght as bun troggalys, cheayll ad feanish veih Philip King, ard sheckter Lught Reill more...

Current Weather Conditions

The west to northwesterly winds, still gale or severe gale force at first, will ease significantly through this evening. One or two showers are still possible, but it will then be dry overnight as the winds ease further to become moderate or fresh. Minimum temperature 8 Celsius.

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Manx News

Manx Utilities Authority plans to make sewerage charge changes

The chairman of the Manx Utilities Authority intends to introduce a fairer method for its controversial sewerage charge, the so-called "toilet tax" more...

Sports News

Mark Christian in GB World Cup squad

Manx cyclist Mark Christian has been picked for the Great Britain cycling team for the UCI Track World Cup in Guadalajara in Mexico next month more...

Business News

Swiss tax agreement now in force

The Isle of Man’s Agreement for the Exchange of Information Relating to Tax Matters with the Swiss Confederation came into force on the 14th of this month more...