Eden Park


Rain & strengthening winds this evening.

Issued at Saturday 28th March 2015 at 4:45 p.m.
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Eear-Shirveishagh cremmey toyrtyssyn focklagh veih cooyl-vinkeyryn

Eear-Shirveishagh son polasee as aa-chummey Chris Robertshaw, t'eh gra "molleydagh" rish quallid toyrtyssyn focklagh va currit er y gherrid ec Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed veih ny cooyl-vinkyn. more...

Burgleyrys faggys da leval jeh "gear cheim ashoonagh"Yn thooilley dy vurgleyrys thie ayns yn Ellan ec y traa t'ayn, t'eh bunnys ec y leval jeh "gear cheim ashoonagh".Shen y credjue jeh eear veoir shee va ny chaairliagh jeh Barrantee Phurt more...

Meechoardail bentyn da freggyrt imraaghyn Viliband mychione ynnydyn har vooirTa'n Shirveishagh Tashtee gra dy choont reiltys Vannin nagh row eh ymmyrçhagh dy reggyrt dy h oikoil imraaghyn leeideilagh y Phartee Obbraghys mychione reillyssyn har vooir.Ayns y Chiare as Feed jea, more...

Current Weather Conditions

Rain, showery at first but turning more persistent and heavy at times, will move in this evening with the winds becoming strong from the south-west. The rain will clear early in the night, however, with strong west or south-westerly winds easing later; lowest temperature 6 Celsius on windward coasts but around 4 in upland areas.

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Satellite industry appointment for Stott

ManSat CEO Chris Stott has been appointed chairman of the Society of Satellite Professionals International, the industry's largest global professional association more...