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Some showers but with skies brightening up at times.

Issued at Thursday 21st August 2014 at 11:45 a.m.
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Speeideilys ec carnival ny varriaght hymbolagh son Yn Çheshaght Goal Twoaie

Ta lught Sheshaght Goal Twoaie Vannin gra dy vel ee er jeet er e toshiaght dy mie sy chied vlein eck, as ee cur roish y theay cooishyn va slane follit keayrt dy row syn Ellan. more...

Cummaltagh Ellanagh ginsh mychione molteyrys banc 'braew so chredjallagh'Ta cummaltagh Ellanagh er ninsh mychione yn aght dy row ee faggys da coayl meeillaghyn dy phunt kyndagh rish molteyrys banc sofisticoil liorish çhellvane. Va'n ven er ny çhellvaney liorish fer ennagh ren more...

Possan Jantys Jarrooagh shirrey cummal sooill er naightyn çhellveeishTa'n Possan Jantys Jarrooagh gra dy vel eh jerkal listal arryltee dy chooney lesh towse quoid naightyn bentyn da Mannin ta goll er cur magh er y çhellveeish. Ayns shalee noa, ta'n Possan more...

Current Weather Conditions

A risk of showers this afternoon and evening, possibly becoming heavy for a while, but skies will start to brighten up at times as the day progresses. West or south-westerly winds, moderate to fresh, perhaps locally strong in exposed spots, will turn west or north-west this evening, easing for a while, with temperatures rising to around 16 Celsius. Showers will die out overnight with the north-westerly wind freshening for a time; lowest temperatures 9 to 12 Celsius.

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Rachael Hooper appointed as Manager of SMP Tax Department

SMP Accounting & Tax Limited, one of the Island’s largest accounting and tax firms, has appointed Rachael Hooper as a Manager in its Tax Department more...