Eden Park


Becoming breezy with a risk of an odd light shower overnight.

Issued at 8.30pm, Sunday 20th April 2014.
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Leeideilagh Vannin Libraalagh soilshit dy ve 'kiart' bentyn da boirey mychione Thie-Lheihys

Yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed ren geamagh son scrutaght neu-chrogheydagh jeh Thie-Lheihys Noble, t'ee gra dy vel ee soilshit dy ve kiart ec y tuarastyl mooie t'er jeeragh er jeet magh. more...

Fys er sleih aegey yn EllanShe er linney ta hoght as feed sy cheead dy phostyragh ta sleih aegey surranse, kiare as feed sy cheead dy leih aegey eddyr nane jeig as hoght jeig dy, cha dooar ad rieau traenal ayns more...

Obbraghyn raad ec Glion Vian shiaghteeyn anmaghShalee dy chur ard phiob ushtey stiagh ayns Glion Vian, t'ee shey shiaghtin anmagh cosoylit rish y skedjal, reir caairliagh Lught Reill Bun Shirveishyn Vannin.Ayns Tinvaal y vee shoh, hug Alf Cannan eddin rish more...

Current Weather Conditions

Tonight will be cloudy with a few showers possible later in the night. The northeasterly wind will be fresh to strong with temperatures falling no lower than around 8 Celsius.

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