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Little change tomorrow and Friday.

Issued at 4:30 pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014.
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Ta vondeish-ghellal ec Guernsey er Mannin, ta fer-toshee lhuingys-aer gra

Ard-Offishear Sheckteragh lhuingys-aer Ghuernsey, t'eh er chraidey mysh yn aght ta Mannin croghey er easyJet son troailt gys as veih Gatwick. more...

Feme er cur laue gys genney çhaghnoaylleeaght fysseree as eddyr insh, as ShirveishaghY Shirveishagh Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, t'eh gra dy vel feme mooar ayn er traenal tooilley sleih ayns çhaghnoaylleeaght fysseree as eddyr insh.Ta Undinys Ynsee Vannin treishteil cur er bun more...

Billey co chormid dy ve currit magh son co choyrleTa'n Ard Shirveishagh gra dy re tosheeaght reiltys geddyn rey rish geyre chooishaght bentyn da anlheiltys.Ga dy vel slattyssyn ayn dy hickyraghey dy vel deiney as mraane goll er dellal rish more...

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Staying sunny and very warm this evening, and dry and clear overnight. Temperatures tonight will fall no lower than 15°C.

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Manx News

Police warning over car thieves

Police in the north of the Island are reminding people to stay vigilant after thieves targeted a car in Ramsey more...

Sports News

Kneale honoured to carry Manx flag

Clay shooter Tim Kneale says he is honoured to be carrying the Manx flag into the Celtic Park stadium for this evening's Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony more...