Eden Park


Mostly dry.

Issued at 4:30pm, Monday 26th January 2015.
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Cha row yindys currit er fer-toshee sheshaght-cheirdey ec yn earroo dy leih haink magh dy accan

She "politickaght neustreeanit" va'n marçh-çhionraa ayns Rhumsaa Jesarn. more...

Irree ass oik Singer er ny eeragheyLeonard Singer, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa, t'eh er nirree ass oik myr lhiass chaairlagh yn Oik Postagh ny lurg agh queig shiaghtin sy startey.Myr v'eh jerkit, screeu Mnr Singer gys yn more...

Y Rheynn Bun Troggalys aarloo son thooillaghyn oddagh çheet rishTa ram obbyr jeant dy haraghey coadey noi thooillaghyn neayr's ny dorrinyn nurree. Alan Hardinge, Reireyder Cummal Seose Theayagh sy Rheynn Bun Troggalys, t'eh gra dy vel poagaghyn geinnee er nyn gur more...

Current Weather Conditions

Dry this evening and overngiht with a moderate or fresh westerly wind and lowest temperature generally around 5 Celsius but a few degrees cooler over the hills.

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Cav seals first win of 2015

Mark Cavendish has sprinted to his first win of 2015 on the seventh and final stage of the Tour de San Luis in Argentina more...