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Dry with prolonged periods of sunshine.

Issued at 4am, Saturday 18th April 2015.
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Thooilley d'ograghyn-moyllee son Gary Carswell

Va greain currit er pobble roar-bree yn Ellan ec y vaase jeh nane jeh e h-ard ratçheyderyn-raad. more...

Leggad beayn jeh taishbynys mychione y Chied Chaggey MooarTaishbynys feer scanshoil mychione y Chied Chaggey Mooar va currit roish ec Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin, t'eh er vishaghey toiggaltys jeh ny va jeant ec yn Ellan sy chaggey as t'eh er naagail more...

Ben Vanninagh aarloo son scoillaraght cholleish ayns ny Steatyn UnnaneyssitTa ben ass Balley Chashtal gra nagh vod ee fuirraghtyn dy yannoo studeyrys ec ollooscoill ayns ny Steatyn Unnaneyssit veih Mean Fouyir. Cathy Breed, ta un vlein as feed dy eash, ceauee more...

Current Weather Conditions

Today will be dry and bright with prolonged periods of sunshine and a light to moderate east or north-easterly breeze. Feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine with temperatures reaching up to 13°C at best. Tonight will be dry with clear spells at first, however later in the night cloud will move in from the east. A light to moderate east or north-easterly winds with lowest temperature near to 4°C.

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It's Last Chance Saloon for Ramsey

It's the last chance on offer for Ramsey to seal promotion from Rugby's South Lancashire & Cheshire Division Three on Saturday afternoon more...

Business News

MT boss salutes 'solid' first year on AIM

Manx Telecom’s managing director has described the company’s first full set of annual results since it floated on the Alternative Investments Market as 'solid' more...