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Staying west and windy tonight, becoming dry and bright tomorrow.

Issued at 4:45pm, Friday 21st November 2014.
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Ta sheshaght-cheirdey feyshtey leighoilid aa-chummey-penshyn

Lught heshaght-cheirdey skimmee yn reiltys, Prospect, t'ad gra dy jean ad scrutaghey gagh fockle jeh treealtyssyn noa, oddagh geginagh e h-olteynyn dy eeck tooilley son nyn benshynyn - son lhiassyn sloo. more...

Hoilshee çhaglym mian son resoonaght pholitickaghFir reaghee jeh çhaglym foshlit dy resooney towse çheet stiagh, ta'd gra dy vel theay Vannin miandagh son resoonaght pholitickagh.Y possan 'Ellan Vannin 2020', leeidit liorish Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed Chris Thomas, hayrn eh more...

Caroline er y jeel son fannyn radio yn EllanTa shennaghys creeley goll er croo yn çhiaghtin shoh, liorish co obbraghey gyn cosoylaght eddyr Radio Vannin as Radio Caroline. Kioneraadee radio margeeagh ayns ny h Ellanyn Goaldagh, t'ad jannoo ard eailley jeh more...

Current Weather Conditions

Wet and windy at first tonight with outbreaks of rain which may turn heavy at times, and strong south-easterly winds which may touch gale force in exposed spots. The rain will gradually clear away towards the end of the night as the wind turns southerly and eases. Temperatures currently around 9°C, but rising to a mild 12°C overnight.

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Michael MHK Alf Cannan is welcoming the Chief Minister Allan Bell's committment to Tynwald to bring forward a full debate on the Manx economy more...