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Issued at 4:15am, Thursday 2nd April 2015.
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How much did fraud trial cost?

Published online at 28/01/2013 06:42:55
Douglas Courthouse

The cost of the Douglas East by-election trial comes under scrutiny in the House of Keys tomorrow (Tuesday).

Middle MHK Howard Quayle will ask Treasury Minister Eddie Teare what it cost public funds and for a breakdown of costs to include Manx advocates, costs to the police, Legal Aid and hiring lawyers from the UK.

Crosby man Charles Lewin admitted three counts of election fraud and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Douglas women Gail Corrin and Kerry Rothwell were found guilty of manipulating the proxy voting system, following a six-week trial, and each received an 18 month sentence, suspended for two years.

Mr Quayle believes the trial cost anything up to £3 million and wants to know if the taxpayer received value for money:


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