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Government issues 'last call' to register for Covid-19 vaccine

Plans being drawn up for 'revaccination programme'

Government is urging those who are yet to register for a coronavirus vaccine to do so as soon as possible.

It's as plans are being drawn up for a 'revaccination programme' later in the year.

The call to come forward now, government says, is 'urgent', as supplies of all types of vaccine for the current phase of the roll-out are expected to run out.

Those wishing to register are urged to do so now online or by calling 111, and no later than 21 June.

Clinics will be held next week on 14 & 15 June for those who're yet to have an initial jab, as well as those set to receive the first of the Island's stock of Moderna Covid vaccines.

Currently, the vaccination roll-out is paused to all but house-visits until next Monday.

Health Minister David Ashford said: 'We have made every effort to invite, register and vaccinate the adult population by priority group – but we appreciate there are a number of people who couldn’t come forward at the time, for a variety of reasons.
‘We will soon be moving on to the revaccination programme – another large and complex logistical exercise, and before long our resources will be focused on that. Revaccination will play a vital part in the continued efforts in the UK and Isle of Man to reduce the spread of the virus, prevent serious illness and death, and protect our health services. 
‘The end of the current rollout of vaccinations is on the horizon – as we will cease receiving supplies. So I urge anyone who still wants vaccine protection from COVID-19 to make themselves known by calling 111, as we do not want them to miss out. There won’t be another ‘mop up’ process for several months, so don’t hesitate any longer - please act now!’

A breakdown of the latest Covid-19 vaccination statistics can be found here.

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