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Speaker denies voting system lacks principle

Loayreyder gobbal dy vel saase votal gyn principle

Nee Bing ny Reillyn Beayn aa-scrutaghey yn aght obbragh votal

Ta Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed gra dy vel yn aght obbragh votal, liorish va queig fir reiht da'n Choonceil Slattyssagh Jelune, er phrowal y feeuid echey.

Va ooilley ny ynnydyn follym lhieent ec yn chied eab, ny yei dy row 15 shirreyderyn ayn.

Ren Juan Watterson votal ayns foayr jeh 11 er jeu as dooyrt eh dy ren lhiggey da olteynyn ceau teiy son whilleen jeu as v'ad geearree jannoo ny s'tappee yn aght obbragh.

Agh, t'eh goaill-rish dy jed yn aght obbragh er jeeaghyn er reesht.

AS MNR WATTERSON: Nee Bing ny Reillyn Beayn meeiteil yn shiaghtin lurg y nah er dy aa-scrutaghey y stayd, as ta failt er-lheh er olteynyn Tinvaal as er ny shirreyderyn hene as dy dooghyssagh er yn theay dy chur y barel ocsyn 'syn aght obbragh. She aght obbragh eh va er ny choardail ec yn Chiare as Feed, as er-lhiam dy vel eh foddey ny stroshey ny'n aght obbragh v'ain roie va faghidagh as va goll er rish meeaghyn. Er-lhiam, liorish cur tooilley teiy-yn gys olteynyn, gyn cur orroo rheynn nyn deiy-yn, dy vel shin er n'yannoo ny sloo yn caa dy by lickly eh dy jean y stayd faghidagh shen taghyrt reesht.

AS JAMES DAVIES: Agh vel eh er chur shaghey kuse dy phrincipleyn ec yn un traa?

AS MNR WATTERSON: Cha nel, er-lhiam nagh vel eh er chur shaghey ny principleyn.

Speaker denies voting system lacks principle

Standing Orders committee will review voting process

The Speaker of the House of Keys says the voting system which saw five people elected to the Legislative Council on Monday has proved its worth.

All the vacancies in the upper house were filled at the first attempt, despite there being 15 candidates.

Juan Watterson voted in favour of 11 of them and said allowing members to vote for as many candidates as they wished speeded up the process.

However, he acknowledges the system will be looked at again.

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