#MRWomenToday: highlights from our week of Manx nostalgia!

PETER KELLY brought along one of his many photo albums and there was LOUISE QUIRK in her majorette outfit!  Peter was full of great stories of growing up in Onchan, and of the glory days of the Douglas Carnival 

RAYMOND GAWNE and KEITH WATTERSON had great stories from their farming life - even though it was hard work, without mains water or electricity, Raymond recalls getting into town at the weekends and having a lively social life!  The problem of travelling if your car happened to be an "old banger" was easily sorted just as long as you made sure you were on the road before the last bus left town.  Raymond recalled flagging down the last bus, getting the conductor's help to push the broken-down car in a field, and then jumping aboard the bus to get home!

Pictured in the studio with Louise are Raymond (left) and Keith (right)


ALLAN WILCOCKS had great stories of starting his musical life singing in Union Mills Chapel, and then in Trinity Methodist Church at Rosemount.  Does anyone remember his parents - The Jolly Millers (so named because of their connection with Union Mills?)  Allan had great tales of working life as an apprentice electrician - taking ladders and all other equipment on a handcart, when setting out to do a job.  Working out of town ? Take the bus!  It was a good while before businesses could afford their own van! Allan talked about singing on radio and on television - and while they were great experiences, he was never tempted to take on the pressures of life as a professional singer. He talked about his long association with the Regal Singers - joining as a choir member, and progressing to Musical Director - a role he still fills to this day - and was full of praise for his accompanist Wendy McDowell and his loyal and hard working choir members