#MRWomenToday: Jeff Brazier; the Queen's Crown; timeless treasures

On the programme today: - 

- we looked at Theresa May's 25 year plan to deal with the plastic problem, and heard from local campaigner Bill Dale on his own fantastic progress

- Beth spoke with Jeff Brazier about how you can turn the time you spend taxi'ing your children around into something positive for all; 

- we heard about a very special car in Northern Island whose driver is dealing with depression in an inventive way; 

- we found out the Royal Crown is a real headache for Her Majesty - and how one of her Royal butchers inadvertently saved the life of a man in Cornwall; 

- we looked through the dated delights in a box of treasures saved for us by listener David, who - when his mother sadly passed away last year - found all manner of magazines, books and items of clothing that she'd left behind in pristine order, dating from the 40s to recent times (pictured: some wonderful advice for the housewife taken from the one of the books).

- and out talking topic was TOAST - which way do you cut yours?

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