#MRWomenToday listen again: ArtReach, uniforms prevent bullying, hoarding hotel toiletries

On the programme today: -

- we were joined by a merry troupe of creative ladies, as the ArtReach team stopped by to tell us about their latest exhibition; pictured l-r (Christy, Beth, Shelby Sandyford-Sykes, Anna Clucas, Colette Gambell and Kate Jerry). If you want to find out about the studio, the workshops or the children's summer 'bootcamps', visit their facebook page here;

- we spoke to Gail Porter about a new study which suggests that wearing a School Uniform could prevent bullying;

- we heard the wonderful story of a young boy who has become something of a celebrity after his dad reached out to the internet for positive messages to help him get over being bullied in school - the responses came from film stars, chart topping musicians and more;

- it was the final wild adventure for Howard Caine – so he was reflecting on the past 30 days and rounding up with a little poetry;

- and yesterday, we talked about whether or not you make your own bed when you’re staying in a hotel – so today we continued the theme of hotel etiquette and asked if you take the complimentary toiletries home? there were some surprising answers...!

If you missed the show, you can listen again for the next 7 days at this link.

On Monday, we’ll be joined by a Professor of Neuroscience who has worked with Barack Obama’s office.. tune in from 2pm!