#MRWomenToday listen again: new Red Cross schemes; Malala; IVF; the seagull saga

homeandwellOn the programme today: -

- we were joined by Nicola Kinley, Leander Sime and Martin Birchenough from the Isle of Man branch of the British Red Cross who stopped by to tell us about two projects being launched by the Red Cross in the Isle of Man; if you'd like to contact them about anything you heard on the show today, or to look at volunteering, call 639310 or you can contact Nicola and Leander directly about the South and Douglas schemes respectively by emailing NicolaKinley@redcross.org.uk or LeanderSime@redcross.org.uk

- also on the programme today – we reflected on remarkable young woman Malala Yousafzai, who’s reached a key moment in her life by completing her school education;

- we talked about the emotional impact IVF treatment can have on men; we spoke with IVI Executive Directors, Mr Tony Rutherford and Dr Jill Lockwood, and heard from Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Nobles Hospital, Michele Moroney about the issue;

- we a great deal of listeners sent in their advice for Christy's 'gull problem'....

Tomorrow, we'll be joined by Chloe Woolley from Culture Vannin who'll be telling us what's in store this week at Celtfest; and do you find yourself bragging about your life on social media? We’ll be hearing from a singer songwriter and fashion psychologist the perils and pitfalls of the self-satisfied status. Tune in from 2pm!

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