#MRWomenToday Listen Again: Recycled Art, caual sexism in tennis - and where do you keep yours....

On ~MRWomenToday this afternoon we met Patrick Farrell - a recycle artist who is holding an exhibition to raise awareness about the Alzheimer's Society Isle of Man  next month.

It's being held at Ronaldsway Airport and Patrick will draw on his experience of working in a nursing home and seeing the effects of this disease on both the sufferer and their family and friends.  He would like people who have cared for someone with Alzheimer's to come together to share ideas about how to cope with this devastating condition.  You can contact Patrick by email - farrellp53@hotmail.com

Also today we heard from the wonderful Professor Alice Roberts who spoke to Christy while she was over here earlier this week as part of CeltFest Isle of Man.

We also talked about how British tennis star Andy Murray refused to allow casual sexism into a post-match interview and where do you keep your washing machine?  According to TV presenter Kirstie Allsoppp, if it's in the kitchen - that's disgusting.

If you missed any of the programme you can listen again for the next seven days by clicking here.