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#MRWomenToday listen again: Sean and Tracy Bostrom, Josie Bridges, Cathy Collins and Viv Ward

We were joined in the studio by Sean and Tracy Bostrom, and on the line from the UK by their daughter Josie, who told us all about Positive Bones and shared their story of dealing with osteosarcoma and amputation. Follow Josie's extraordinary and perspective changing story on social media @positivebones and support her fundraising page at www.gofundme.com/positive-bones

We also found out about the latest product from Manx Telecom which is promising huge benefits to people with varying degrees of hearing loss and were joined by Cathy Collins who is MT’s Communication Manager and by end user Viv Ward who told us what difference the product has made to her life. To find out more call 624624 or visit the ClearSound page here

We also heard about the motor racing champion inspiring young girls to get into the sport and heard about the 7 year old that brought the house down with her rendition of the American National Anthem.

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