#MRWomenToday listen again: Wimbledon women and the Doctor will see you now

On the programme today: -

- we were joined in the studio by Women Today resident GP Dr John Snelling for an open surgery; we had listener questions about everything from medication side effects to peculiar pains while sleeping, and we talked to Dr John in detail about antibiotic resistance, sun scream efficacy, hay fever and hirsuitism;

- we talked about the fantastic news from Wimbledon yesterday, as Johanna Konta became the first British woman since Virginia Wade in 1978  to make the last-four; we were joined by newsman Howard Cain who has just returned from Wimbledon and did in fact watch both Konta and Williams in competition (separately!), and he gave us his thoughts on who might win the next round - which sees the two players take each other on tomorrow;

- we heard from TV presenter Jeff Brazier, who is dad to two young boys and whose mother Jade Goody died of cervical cancer in 2009. He says it is essential that parents are fully educated on the risks of HPV and realise there are options for protecting their sons as well as daughters. We spoke with Jeff, along with media medic Dr Christian Jessen to find out about a Boots campaign to make the vaccine available to boys;

- and we talked about the Femfresh advert for bikini-line shaving products which has been banned - for essentially showing women's bikini lines...

If you missed the show you can listen again for the next 7 days at this link.