#MRWomenToday: Relocation and integration, dairy supplies and dress codes.....

On #MRWomenToday this Friday we found out about B-Local Isle of Man - a bespoke professional yet personal service for anyone moving to the Island. The focus is on making relocation, and crucially, integration hassle free.

We were joined by founder Mary Linehan, and Linda Donald who's been with B-Local for nine years.  Two women who moved over last year and who've been supported by the small team were also with us -  Veronique and Turkan told us what it was like moving their families over here and how they've been helped to settle into Island life.

You can find out more about B-Local Isle of Man by clicking here.

Also today we heard how the UK is facing a dairy shortage this Christmas - but no such problem over here thanks to Isle of Man Creameries.

We also talked dress codes as women wearing sleeveless dresses and open toed shoes have been turned away from the House of Representatives and men are only allowed in if they’re wearing a tie and jacket.  So are dress codes acceptable or outdated?

If you're tempted by the End2End there's a great way to train on Sunday July 30th - entries for the Manx100 (or Manx50 if you're feeling slightly less energetic) close this weekend.  Find out more here.

And we had two new presenters today - Manx Radio's Human Resources Executive Lisa Haworth standing in for Christy who was sleeping off the excesses of the breakfast show, and Dan who's been here on work experience from Ramsey Grammar School - and proved to be a dab hand at weather reading...

We'll be back on Monday - have a great weekend.