Women Today listen again: Katharine Hill and Bobby Seagull

On the programme today: - 

- we were joined in the studio by Katharine Hill and Gill Lyth from Care For The Family, who have a number of family and parenting events on the Island this week. Katharine is the author of the book 'Left To Their Own Devices - Confident Parenting in a World Of Screens' and gave us great advice to help mums and dads feel more switched on (and for kids to be confident to switch off!) See the full interview below;

- we also heard the latest from News Editor Tim Glover about today's breaking news about breast screening - read the full story here and if you have any concerns at all, call the helpline 01624 642400;

- and we heard 11 year old Ben's brilliant interview with Bobby Seagull (University Challenge star) and Emma Wyatt from Shell, about Generation Z and their determination to change the world; find out about the Bright Ideas Challenge here

If you missed any part of today's programme, you can listen back here for the next 7 days