Women Today listen again: Why pensions matter

On Women Today this Tuesday afternoon we talked pensions. 

It follows an Island-wide campaign, launched in the past couple of weeks, aimed at getting everyone to start thinking about their retirement - the earlier the better.

Listeners contacted the show with pension queries for today's guests, and there was some really reassuring and helpful guidance for those who might not have thought about how much money they will really need when they leave work.  The best thing to do, whatever your situation, is to seek independent professional advice.  Responding to cold calls offering pension investments is something which has cost some people in the UK very dearly, so the Pensions Matters campaign team is urging people to be cautious but proactive.

Find out more information and useful links here.  You can also listen back to the show for the next seven days by following this link.

Beth and Ben also reflected on the unveiling of a Millicent Fawcett's statue in London's Parliament Square this morning - the only female among 11 statues of men.  She is primarily known for her work as a campaigner for women to have the vote.  As a suffragist (as opposed to a suffragette), she took a moderate line, but was a tireless campaigner.  With news in the past week that Sophia Goulden (the Manx-born mother of Emmeline Pankhurst) is to be commemorated with a statute on the Isle of Man, which other notable Manx women should be honoured in this way?

David Kneale, the organiser of a charity band night at Port St Mary Town Hall this Friday, joined us on the phone.  It's to celebrate David's 60th birthday, but instead of cards and presents - he's hoping for as much money as possible for two charities very close to his heart.  It starts at 7pm, bring your own drinks and watch the Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band, The Birds and the Beards and A Little Bitta' Rosie.  Call David for tickets on 498617.

We'll back tomorrow just after 2pm.

And could the new baby prince be called Carlos? -That's a possibility according to one Women Today listener.