#MRWomenToday podcast exclusive: Michael Kewley on Dhamma and how to be happy

Women Today

Friday, December 1st, 2017 - 13 minutes

We were joined in the studio on Dec 1st by Dhamma Master Michael Kewley (DhammaChariya Pannadipa) who shared fascinating memories and music with us about his spiritual journey, from a simple life beginning on Palatine Road through to being a guru and teacher at major spiritual centres around the world. He stayed behind after the programme to talk to Christy about his own Teacher, share his thoughts on happiness and how we can be more loving in our lives. You will also hear his final music choice - which we didn't have time for on the show - James Taylor's You've Got A Friend. You can find Michael's new book 'A journey to Awakening', which is a wonderful, funny and (unsurprisingly) insightful read, via his website PureDhamma.org.