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Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again 6th March 2022

Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

Sunday, March 6th, 2022 - 26 minutes

Cha nel wheesh er-nyn-son y cheayrt shoh. Ta shin goaill toshiaght lesh 'Jamys Jeheiney', as cha nee joarree t'ayn, agh nee Jamys eh noadyr. Quoi vees cur ny feyshtyn orrin y cheayrt shoh? Ta shin clashtyn meer elley ass yn lioar, Dracula, liorish Bram Stoker, agh ayns chyndaays 'sy Ghaelg, ayns 'Claare ny Gael'.

There's not so much for us this time. We start with 'Jamys Jeheiney', and it's not a stranger there, but it's not James either. Who's posing us the questions this time? We hear another extract from the book, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, but in a translation into Manx in 'Claare ny Gael'.

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