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Sunday, April 10th, 2022 - 30 minutes

Today is the start of the week that the Christian Church calls Holy - it begins with Palm Sunday - a day which recalls the tremendous excitement of the crowds when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey -  they greeted him as their King, spreading palm leaves and even their cloaks on the ground under his feet - yet just FIVE days later, these same crowds were calling for the same Jesus to be crucified.
I invite you to join me as together we walk through the days that make up Holy Week .... immerse ourselves in the story   and reflect on why the day when a man dies a hideous death, is called Good Friday ?                                                                                                                                                                                             
Then, in the company of the Rt Rev'd Peter Eagles, Bishop of Sodor and Man, I discover what he's thinking about, at the start of this Holy Week - and what this story of betrayal, unfaithfulness, injustice and violence  is saying to our modern world.....
Plus there's music too -and a packed notice board with events round the Island during Holy Week, and services on Easter Day - and listen out for details of all the Sunrise Services early on Easter Sunday morning
For notice board news and hymn choices for inclusion in future programmes, email me - judithley@manxradio.com

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