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Sunday, 12 March 2023 - 30 minutes

Every 2 minutes, someone in the world is diagnosed with leprosy - if they don't get treatment, the results are devastating - paralysis, nerve damage  and loss of limbs eventually mean that someone with leprosy becomes unable to work.  This is a disease of poverty - thriving where there is malnutrition and poor sanitation, in communities where there is no support for those unable to support themselves.
MICHAEL HARDIE is the newly-appointed Community Partnership Manager for The Leprosy Mission, and during his recent visit to the Island he shared not only details of the current Leprosy Mission project to support the tea pickers of Bangladesh - where leprosy is rife -  but also explained how his childhood experiences have uniquely prepared him for this work.
LISTEN TO THE PROGRAMME NEXT WEEK as Michael returns to tell his Dad's conversion story, and how he found faith for himself.
Author and Broadcaster RICHARD LITTLEDALE returns with - appropriately - another box of breakfast cereal, and there's music from the Iona Community and from Jimmy Owens - plus our notice board

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Find out more about the Leprosy Mission at www.leprosymission.org.uk

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