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Sunday, 14 May 2023 - 30 minutes

Christian Aid Week starts today, and on the programme we're joined by Louise Whitelegg - the Island's Christian Aid go-to girl,  and Nick Georgiadis, who is Director of fundraising and supporter engagement based at Christian Aid HQ.
Together they'll explain what the generosity of the people of the Isle of Man has already achieved in the world's poorest country - Burundi - and tell us what more can be achieved to give dignity and security to a nation in the grip of extreme poverty. 
If you want to know more, or to get involved during Christian Aid Week, go to  Facebook  - search for Christian Aid Isle of Man -  or ring or text Louise on 07624 474275

And a few words from Ukranian-born Katarina, now living with a host family and building a life in the UK,  remind us that Eurovision is in Liverpool only because war in Ukraine still rages, still takes lives, and still separates families.

There's music too - and another packed notice board.
Items for the notice board can be emailed to me - judithley@manxradio.com

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