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X At Your Service

Sunday, 25 September 2022 - 31 minutes

Scientist Dr Douglas Fox and his wife Carol - an ordained minister in the Methodist Church - divide their year between their home in the United States, and their home in Peel, where they can be found from Easter to October.  But the Island is far, far more important to them than just an attractive holiday destination.  It's become an essential part of their faith journey - and on this week's programme, Doug Fox tells his story - sharing some significant moments in his life as a scientist, which have challenged and energised his life as a Christian.

And Ruth Rice is back - with another letter from her personal alphabet of wellbeing - 
Find details of Ruth Rice's Wellbeing Retreat in late October at Thie Dy Vea Retreat House in Peel on the website retreathouse.im

There's notice board news too, and music this week is from the Celtic musicians CAIM
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