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Sunday, 29 May 2022 - 30 minutes

Rev'd Dr Dee Dee Haines spent over ten years on the Isle of Man, leading the Methodist Church at Rosemount in Douglas, and despite being in ministry in various other countries, the Island still holds an incredibly special place in her heart.  Back here for a brief visit, and to share in Praying the Keeills Week, Dee Dee joins us to share what she has learned through her present ministry in a Hospice in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is the Supervisor of Spiritual Care and Music Therapy, with responsibility also  for bereavement support.
Multi-tasking isn't perhaps a term we would instantly associate with priestly ministry - but it's a reality in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool, of which the Isle of Man forms a part.  Rev'd Canon Aidan Prescott joins in the programme, to explain how it works for him - and for his colleagues.
And Ruth Rice is back again, to share another letter from her personal alphabet of wellbeing, in case what's good for her, might be good for us, too.  
Ruth is the founder of Renew Wellbeing - cafe style safe spaces where everyone is welcomed, supported and gently encouraged to find their own pathway to mental health and wellbeing.  
We've got Renew spaces at The Well in Broadway, Douglas, and in the Methodist Church in Peel - opposite the Centenary Centre.
And there's a couple of beautiful hymns from The London Fox Singers 
As well as lots of notice board news - including details of those TT Cafes - back in business again!
If you have notice board news, or would like to request a favourite hymn or sacred song, email :

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