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At Your Service

Sunday, 6 March 2022 - 30 minutes

The Season of Lent - six  weeks of preparation for the celebration of Easter - started last week, on Ash Wednesday.  But what are its origins - and what does it offer us today?  We eavesdrop on a conversation between Patrick Woodward and Russ Bravo `

And this week's special guest is Manx-born Ruth Rice, founder of Renew Wellbeing, the charity which runs simple cafe-style spaces attached to a quiet room - where it's OK to not be OK.
Ruth's latest book - The A to Z of Wellbeing - is an accessible introduction to help us care for our own individual wellbeing and live out our own 'alphabet of peace' 
Ruth offers us twenty-six words of wellness - for ourselves, and to help us share wellbeing with others.
We'll be dipping into her book on At Your Service during the weeks of Lent - Ruth will be choosing some words of wellness to share each week - a chance to perhaps 'spring clean' our lives in preparation for the new life offered at Easter?

The A to Z of Wellbeing by Ruth Rice is published by Authentic Media
It's available from Churches Bookshop in St Thomas's Church, Finch Road, Douglas 
You can find the daily videos to support each letter of the alphabet at : ruthricebooks.online
and you can find out more about Ruth's charity at :

Music today is The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimmond) by the Wallinford Parish Church Choir, Oxfordshire
and there's a time for prayer for peace for Ukraine with The Angel's Work, by Martin John Nicholls and  Paul Field.

And there's a full notice board, with details of all the Lent Lunches starting this week

Items for the notice board, and hymn requests for future programmes can all be emailed to me: judithley@manxradio.com

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