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Claare ny Gael 11th July 2021

Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, July 11th, 2021 - 49 minutes

A parish and the ancient and modern cathedral are dedicated to Noo Carmane, St German, and he is celebrated in the Island on 13th July.  His story is an inter-Celtic one, starting in Brittany, and coming to Mannin via Ireland and Wales.

Neddy Beg's reminiscences, written by him in Manx, continue to focus on his time at the fishing. Some of them were included in letters he wrote whilst he was away on a fishing trip, and he also recalls stories told to him by other fishermen.

As nyn giaull -
CALUM KENNEDY - Brochan lom
ANNIE EBREL - Robardig
THE SKYMASTERS DANCE ORCHESTRA - The dear little shamrock
DALLA - Dean younk o Gernow
DAVID FISHER - Eisht as nish
UNKNOWN ORGANIST - St Garmon (Edward Meredith Price)
MANAU - Mais qui est la belette?
DE DANANN - Two Jewish reels
LUNASA - Freylech Yitzikel

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