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Claare ny Gael 14th May 2023

Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, 14 May 2023 - 50 minutes

Having explored Peel Castle, David Robertson and friends set out for Kirk Michael, and there we explore the background to one of the Scandinavian runic monuments they examined, as well as other ancient monuments. David Robertson seems to know a surprising lot about Druids!

In our translation into the Manx Gaelic of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', we hear of Jonathan Harker's startling sighting in London's Piccadilly of a link to his past of which his wife, Mina, still knows nothing - but decides to discover. From Dr Seward we hear of Professor Van Helsing's odd behaviour, and his explanation for it.

As son y chiaull ain, jannoo ard eailley jeh co-haglym as trimmid jeh er y Ghaelg -
BUNSCOILL GHAELGAGH - Moghrey mie, ghrian
BRIAN MAC STOYLL - Inneen jeh bochilley boght
 CAROL WALKER - Ta'n bock, aboo! ersooyl
STAA - Illiam y Caine
RUTH KEGGIN - Fin as Oshin
BUNSCOILL Y DHOON - Green hills of Dhoon
MOOT - Yllagh ushlagh
DAVID FISHER - Eisht as nish
BARRULE - The wheel of fire

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