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Claare ny Gael 21st May 2023

X Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, 21 May 2023 - 50 minutes

According to David Robertson's 1791 view of history, after the suppression of the Druids of the Ancient Britons in one Mona, Anglesey, they came to another Mona, the Isle of Man, where they continued their benevolent rule and ministry until the coming of Christianity.

Following the burial of Lucy Westenra near Hampstead Heath, Professor Van Helsing tries to explain to Dr John Seward how it is that King Laughter comes at the most inappropriate times. Meanwhile, families in the Hampstead area are concerned that children are going missing for some lengthy periods and their excuse is that they've been walking with a beautiful lady on the Heath.

As nyn giaull 'sy chlaare y cheayrt shoh -
YOUENN GWERNIG - E kreiz an noz
AALIN CLAGUE - Drillinyn
4 YN Y BAR - Gwrachod Llanddona/Gyrru'r byd o'm blaen
SEONAG NIC CHOINNICH - Ged is grianach an latha
THE STOWES - Tin and copper, boys
DERVISH - Last night's fun
EBEN - Paskou hir ar c'hemener
CAARJYN COOIDJAGH - Shiaull ersooyl/Faagmayd nyn mannaght


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