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Manks Concert in memory of Sophia Morrison - Marish ny Fiddleryn – A Manx song performed by Phil Gawne

Published on 12 Apr 2017

One of the Isle of Man’s most touching love songs, Marish ny Fiddleryn (‘With the Fiddlers’ in Manx Gaelic) tells the sad story of losing the person you love.
First published in A. W. Moore’s ‘Manx Ballads and Music’ in 1896, it opens with the following verse:

Among the fiddlers, at the Christmas time,
I first my own heart’s love did meet,
And we sat down together loving,
Making beginning of our courtship.

Marish ny fiddleryn, ayns yn traa Nollick
Va hosiaght veeit mee graih my chree,
As hoie shin sheese graihagh cooidjagh,
Gow shin yn tosiaght jeh nyn hooree.

The song is performed here by Phil Gawne as a part of a set by the prize-winning Manx language choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh.

This is a part of the “Manks Concert” marking the anniversary of the death of Sophia Morrison.
Held at the Peel Centenary Centre on the 14th of January 2017, it marked the 100th anniversary of the death of this great figure of Manx cultural history.

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