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Douglas West (2011)

House of Keys general election on September 29, 2011.

About Douglas West (2011) 
Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man and the main centre of the Island's successful financial services industry. It is the home of the only tricameral - or three chambered - parliamentary system in the British Commonwealth, with the Tynwald, House of Keys and Legislative Council chambers all located in the legislative buildings on Bucks Road. Douglas took over from Castletown as the capital of the Isle of Man in 1864, and ten years later the House of Keys moved to its current home. West Douglas is largely residential, and includes Ballabrooie, the Port E Chee and Bray Hill area and Tromode Park. The current members of the House of Keys for West Douglas, John Shimmin and Geoff Corkish, have served the constituency since 1996 and 2006 respectively.

Number of Constituents (2011)

Number of Seats (2011)

Census Information (2011)
The Isle of Man census does not record separate statistics for each of the four House of Keys constituencies in Douglas, but in 2006 the overall population of the capital was recorded as 26,218. The total number of registered electors in the town at that time was 14,996 which represented 57.2 per cent of the population. In the 2006 general election the turnout in West Douglas was 56.8 per cent, which was third lowest, after East Douglas and North Douglas, of the 14 constituencies in which there were contests. In that year, 22.94 per cent of registered voters in the capital lived in West Douglas.

Candidates declared (2011)

Returning Officer (2011)

Mr C M Brooks
Mann & Partners,
23-25 Bucks Road,
Tel: (01624) 695800
Email: Mr C M Brooks

Polling Stations (2011): Open 8.00am to 8.00pm

Polling District 1: Garden City - Sea Cadet Hall, Tromode

Polling District 2: Somerset - St Andrews Church Hall, St Ninian’s Corner, Glencrutchery Rd, Douglas

Polling District 3: Albany - Department of Home Affairs, Homefield, 88 Woodbourne Rd, Douglas

Polling District 4: Ballabrooie (COUNT) - All Saints Church Hall, Alexander Drive, Douglas

Polling District 5: Eastfield - All Saints Church Hall, Alexander Drive, Douglas