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Leslie Hanson (2015)

House of Keys by election for Peel on September 10, 2015.      

Constituency: Peel (2015)

Personal Details (2015)

Full Name: Leslie Lucas Alfred Hanson

Married: No

Children: No

Age on day of election: 60

Place of Birth: Douglas, Jane

Hobbies and interests: Economics; history; Manx heritage; at present World Manx Association President; Secretary of the Sailors’ Shelter

Audio (2015)

Interviewed by James Davis on Mandate, on Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Constituency debate featuring candidates standing in Peel – Leslie Hanson, Penny Hardman - LibVan, Ray Harmer & David Pownall – chaired by Roger Watterson on Sunday, September 06, 2015


General Details (2015)

Occupation: Dentist

Previous political experience: Representative at university on the student representative council for the dental faculty; Contested the 2011 election in Peel, came second by 31 votes; Wrote 3 policy documents for UKIP at the last UK general election 1) for energy 2) rail transport and industrial infrastructure 3) London third airport, this appeared in their manifesto (brother retired as gynaecologist, stood as UKIP Candidate – I was asked to write 3 policy documents)

Independent candidate: Yes

Political Affiliation: No


Why this candidate wants to be a member of the House of Keys: To do a good job and to get the economy back to work.

Manifesto (2015)