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Peel (2011)

House of Keys general election on September 29, 2011.

About Peel (2011) 
Peel is the third largest town in the Isle of Man, after Douglas and Ramsey, but the fourth largest settlement because Onchan, regarded as a 'village', also has more residents. It is located on the west coast, at the opposite end of the central valley from Douglas. Peel's main feature is its sandstone castle, first built by the Vikings in the eleventh century and home to the original cathedral, which led to the town being known as the 'Sunset City'. The small island on which the castle is built is said to be where St Patrick came ashore when he brought Christianity to the Isle of Man, and is named after him. The new Cathedral Church of St German was built in the 1880s and consecrated in 1980. Peel is the Isle of Man's main fishing port and home of its famous kippers, or smoked herring. The town is surrounded by the sea to the north, and the constituency of Glenfaba to the east, south and west. It has had a single representative in the House of Keys for many years, with Hazel Hannan holding the position from 1986 until her defeat by Tim Crookall in the 2006 general election.

Number of Constituents (2011)

Number of Seats (2011)

Census Information (2011)
Peel had a population of 4,280 at the time of the 2006 census, but is likely to have significantly more residents by September 29, 2011. In 2006, 69 per cent of the town's population were of voting age, and 63.43 of them exercised their democratic right, the sixth highest turnout of the 14 constituencies in which there were contests.

Candidates declared (2011)

Returning Officer (2011)

Ms S M Bolton
Corlett Bolton & Co,
4 Finch Road,
Douglas IM1 2PT.
Tel: (01624) 676868
Email: Ms S M Bolton

Polling Stations (2011): Open 8.00am to 8.00pm

Polling District 1: Peel 1 - Corrin Memorial Hall, Derby Road, Peel

Polling District 2: Peel 2 (COUNT) - Centenary Centre, Athol Street, Peel