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Rushen (2021)

House of Keys general election on September 23, 2021

About Rushen https://mm.aiircdn.com/147/196348.jpg
The constituency of Rushen is in the far south of the Isle of Man and is made up of the villages of Port Erin and Port St Mary, and most of the parish of Rushen. It has borders with Arbory, Malew and Castletown, and Glenfaba and Peel. Notable recent MHKs include Sir Miles Walker, the first chief minister of the Isle of Man, who held his seat for 20 years from 1976, and Noel Cringle, who stood down as the second president of Tynwald in 2011, after holding the position for eleven years. 

The current sitting members are:
Laurence Skelly MHK
Juan Watterson MHK

Number of Seats (2021):

Map of Constituency (2021):

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Constituency Profile: