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Advocate raises concerns over covid 'immunity passports'

Ashford says measure isn't being considered

Concerns have been raised that people won't be able to move freely over the Island's border without having had a Covid vaccine.

An advocate has written to government to express alarm about the prospect.

Ian Kermode has challenged comments made by Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly in last week's Examiner.

Mr Skelly said it appeared likely a covid vaccine would become a formal requirement for travel in the future, and asked 'will anyone have confidence to without it?'.

In a letter to the enterprise minister, Mr Kermode says a broad range of residents cannot receive the Pfizer vaccine, including pregnant women, children and those with other medical conditions. 

There are also those who are opposed on 'philosophical grounds', who believe control of their body is their own sovereign decision, and not one for the state.

The advocate goes on to say a mandatory vaccine requirement for travel would discriminate against those groups, and lead to significant legal issues around civil liberties and citizenship.

Mr Kermode penned his letter to raise concerns passed to him by potential litigants, so they can be taken into account when developing border policy.

Despite this, so-called 'passport immunity' was ruled out by the Health Minister David Ashford when he was pressed on the subject today:


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