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Abbyr Shen Reesht:

  • Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again 10th September 2023

    Lesh y phodcast s'jerree cheet cho anmagh, va mee smooinaghtyn dy beagh ny share eh fuirraghtyn laa ny ghaa roish my row y fer shoh postit! As y cheayrt shoh ta caa dooin clashtyn Daniel Quayle ayns 'Kiaull as Cooish' (agh gyn y chiaull!), as ta meer liorish y Vreagagh, Doolish y Karagher, va ry chlashtyn ayns 'Goll as Gaccan'. As ta episode elley ass Dracula er nyn son ayns 'Claare ny Gael'. With the last podcast coming so late, I was thinking that it would be better waiting a day or two before this one was posted! And this time we have the opportunity to hear Daniel Quayle in 'Kiaull as Cooish' (but without the kiaull, the music itself!), and there's a piece by y Breagagh, Doolish y Karagher, that was to be heard in 'Goll as Gaccan'. And there's another episode from Dracula for us in 'Claare ny Gael'.

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Clare Ny Gael:

  • Claare ny Gael 17th September 2023

    We fairly rattle through the members of the Stanley family who had been given the Kingship of Man, which became known as a Lordship to protect the neck of Thomas Stanley in the court of Henry VIII. David Robertson's 'A Review of the Manks History' has now come to Yn Stanlagh Mooar, James Stanley, the tenth Stanley king/lord of Man and Seventh Earl of Derby. Professor Van Helsing has to return to Amsterdam overnight, so Dr John Seward goes to meet Mina Harker at the station. Each finds out more about the grisly happenings by swapping their personal diaries of events. As y kiaull 'sy chlaare y cheayrt shoh - AWEN AN DOUAR - Pile menu BREE SESSION - The ballad of Arthur Caley KERENSA - Avel nadder PADDY TUNNY - Blackwaterside PEDAIR - Can crwtyn y gwartheg DEAF SHEPHERD - The glen house/Mrs Jean Campbell, BSc LIAMM - An tourmant BERNARD CAINE - Ushag veg ruy GWENNO - Hi a skoellyas lyf adhagrow

  • Claare ny Gael 10th September 2023

    David Robertson picked his way through the 1300s in his 'A Review of the Manks History', associating events from both early and late in a rather disjointed narrative. We've now reached the advent of the Stanley family in 1405. Arthur Holmwood has done the deed of driving a stake through Lucy Westenra's heart. Professor Van Helsing and Dr John Seward have a little more to do, and then they make vows for the future - and the hunt for Count Dracula himself. Shoh ta'n kiaull ain - MALINKY - Pad the road wi' me SIMONE ALVES & YANN GOURVIL - Tri martolod An Oriant SHEILA CORKILL & CHARLES ALWAY - Car Juan Nan THE CHANGING ROOM - Roev so roev LUCY CHAMPION & ANUNA - Siuil, a ruin CROMLECH - Meillionen EBEN - Ar yarig BARRULE - Irree ny greiney

  • Claare ny Gael 3rd September 2023

    Whatever texts David Robertson was using to compile his 'A Review of the Manks History' in 1794, he seems to have got his timelines in a muddle for the period he's writing about, racing through the 1300s. His references to people and incidents seem to concertina back and forth through the century. In our translation into the Manx Gaelic of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', Professor Van Helsing takes various objects from his long, leather bag, including a sharpened stake and a hammer. He explains what is necessary to bring rest to Lucy Westenra and her betrothed, Arthur Holmwood, undertakes to do the grisly deed. As y kiaull ain - THALLO (ELIN EDWARDS) - Pluo CALUM JOHNSON & FLORA MacNEILL - Mhic Iarla nam bratach bana FORZH PENAOS - Doub'Doub' (Beer Time!) MAEVE CALLISTER & SCRAN - Polca Ffrengig/Arrane y Ven Vlieaun THE CHANGING ROOM - Delyow sevi PETER BROWN - Round the lighthouse/The swallow's tail CERYS MATTHEWS - Y gwcw fach ARRAGH - Snag chiaull Ghelby FORZH PENAOS - X-tasie

  • Claare ny Gael 27th August 2023

    David Robertson's 'A Review of the Manks History' was added to his description of a return visit he made to the Island where he had worked as a British revenue officer some years previously. His combined volumes were published in 1794, and he's reached the reign of Magnus, the last of the dynasty of Godred Crovan. Professor Van Helsing has brought the three men who each proposed to Lucy Westenra to her grave, and shows to them that she is indeed one of the Undead. She throws aside a young child she's been sucking the blood of, and turns her attention to her former fiance, Arthur Holmwood. As nyn giaull - MUIREANN NIC AMHLAOIBH & IRISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - Mallai San Seoirse Y TRIBAN - Dilyn y ser THE GLENCRAIG SCOTTISH DANCE BAND - Foursome reel GWERZ - Ma mestrez 'oa ken kaer ANNOUK PETTIT & AALISH KILGALLON - Dagh laa as oie APHEX TWIN - Hy a scullyas lyf adhagrow LISA HANNIGAN - Amhran na farraige GALWAD Y MYNYDD - Niwl y mor MANRAN - An da la

Abbyr Shen - Say That:

  • ABBYR SHEN - Say that

    A course in learning to speak Manx by Brian Stowell, published by Manx Radio in Manx Heritage Year 1986 and reissued by the Gaelic Broadcast Commission. Lesson 4 Cre'n traa t'eh?

  • ABBYR SHEN - Say that

    A course in learning to speak Manx by Brian Stowell, published by Manx Radio in Manx Heritage Year 1986 and reissued by the Gaelic Broadcast Commission. Lesson 3 C'read?

  • ABBYR SHEN - Say that

    A course in learning to speak Manx by Brian Stowell, published by Manx Radio in Manx Heritage Year 1986 and reissued by the Gaelic Broadcast Commission. Lesson 2 - Ta mee Toigal

  • ABBYR SHEN - Say that

    A course in learning to speak Manx by Brian Stowell, published by Manx Radio in Manx Heritage Year 1986 and reissued by the Gaelic Broadcast Commission. Lesson 1 - Goaill toshiaght

Shiaght Laa:

  • Shiaght Laa 17th August 2023

    In the final programme in this series, Maralyn Crellin gives an overview of musical events during the coming week, and we dip into musical treats of yesteryear with songs by Florrie Forde - the final 'Kelly' song from 1920, 'Kelly's Got Married Today' and from 1930 asks, 'What Happened to the Manx Cat's Tail?'. As we often say in Shiaght Laa, people in the Island are active in many pursuits, and there are regular music sessions of all sorts, and the visual arts are extremely popular. This coming weekend, The Creative Network hold the final part of their biennial Isle of Man Art Festival, in which they're joined by the Manx Mural Fest. This coming Wednesday, 23rd August, there's a return visit by Professor R Andrew MacDonald, who'll be giving a talk in the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre in Douglas in association with his new publication, 'A Visitor's Guide to the Medieval Kingdoms of Man and the Isles, 1066-1275'. Shiaght Laa heard about Professor MacDonald's work some years ago on a previous visit.

  • Shiaght Laa 10th August 2023

    Loaghtan Books have published a book that takes us to many unexpected corners and fascinating facts about the Island and its people. It's called 'Manx Myths, Mysteries and Miscellanies'. It's based on the research and articles of journalist and author, the late Robert Kelly. We hear about Robert and his work from his friend, Neal Hanson, and from Matthew Richardson of Manx National Heritage, who undertook the editorial work. We also hear from Grainney Sheard, who organises the Manx presence at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient which is now taking place, and briefly from Annie Kissack, speaking from the stage of the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol earlier in the week.

  • Shiaght Laa 27th July 2023

    As well as hearing about other opportunities to enjoy a range of music, Yn Chruinnaght is in full swing and we hear from Jo Callister and Chloe Woolley about events from Thursday evening 27th July to Sunday 30th July. Almost on the eve of the Southern District Agricultural Show, we hear from show Secretary, Zoe Hampton, this year's President (and former Secretary), Sarah Comish, and from immediate past President, Briony Vernon.

  • Shiaght Laa 20th July 2023

    We look to the west for the most part this time, as Maralyn Crellin tells us about the Peel Traditional Boat Weekend from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July, and that's followed by Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th July. However, in addition to events in Peel, Yn Chruinnaght also includes a series of events in Douglas and a packed day in St John's. Chloe Woolley and Jo Callister of Yn Chruinnaght join us to tell us about the events and the performers in Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering 2023.

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