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Cockerel chaos in Castletown

Fowl play from birds behaving badly

The ManxSPCA is warning against fowl play - issuing a warning to anyone breeding cockerels in the Isle of Man.

Ten were let loose in Castletown last month, causing what residents have called 'considerable concern and disruption'.

It's thought they may have been released as a prank.

Volunteers caught three of the birds, while the others either disappeared, or were killed.

The ManxSPCA says it's a fairly common occurance, with birds regularly dumped by their owners around the Island.

It's reported some of the hot spots include the Arboretum, elsewhere in St John's, Tholt-e-Will, the Devil's Elbow, the Switchback and Abbeylands.

Juana Warburton explains what people can do:

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