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Isle of Man milk goes green

But don't worry, it's still fresh

More eco-friendly cartons being introduced at the Isle of Man Creamery means a number of changes to the price of milk.

The new plant-based carton is said to be the most environmentally friendly packaging available.

It's happening everywhere - plastic isn't sustainable, and new, greener ways of packaging are coming to the fore.

The Isle of Man Creamery is embracing this with a new plant-based carton coming in from 10 September.

Although sustainable, there are changes to the size - for the smaller 500ml carton, you'll pay 55 pence - a 3.6% increase from before.

However if you buy a litre of the white stuff, you'll see the cost go down by 5.6% - paying a pound per litre.

If you don't like change, the two and four pint polybottles will still be available, with no change to the price.

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