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Prepare to pay higher road tax

Increases inbound for car owners

Up to 58,000 drivers will be faced with a higher road tax bill this year, if Tynwald approves a package of measures.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer will seek approval on the changes when the court sits next Tuesday (25 April).

Government claims the measures, which also reduce duties for commercial van owners and scrap tax entirely for electric cars, will benefit local businesses and the environment.

But those who drive standard motor vehicles are set to pay an average of 9% more per year.

The biggest hike will hit cars with engines between 1.2 and 1.8 litres, with the annual charge increasing from £163 to £194.

Motorcycle tax is being simplified - for engines up to 50cc the charge will remain at £15; up to 125cc, it's £40; and all other bikes will be liable for a £50 duty.

Here's what car owners are set to pay for the year ahead:

Engine size Current annual duty Proposed 2017-18 duty
Up to 1L £51 £52
1-1.2L £105 £139
1.2-1.8L £163 £194
1.8-2.5L £230 £248
2.5-3.5L £375 £384
3.5-5L £463 £475
5L and above £492 £504


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