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Candidate stoic over electoral blunder

Yeearreyder stoagh bentyn da marran reihyssagh

Yeearreyder ren tayrn magh ass y fo-reihys ta ry-heet ayns Doolish Hiar.

t'eh gra dy vel eh goaill rish dy bollagh leshtal veih'n Oik Recortyssee.

Va John Hanson jerkal shassoo son y toiag va faagit ec Brenda Cannell.

Agh, kyndagh rish marran, va shenn list dy voteyryn currit huggey. Myr shen, cha dod eh geddyn voteyryn coardit dy liooar dy chur nyn enmyn hug y phabyr-enmyssee roish y laa jerrinagh.

Ta Mnr Hanson gra nagh vel eh corree kyndagh rish y vrock. Cur toshiaght noa da'n clane red, veagh eh costal rouyr da ny h-eeckeyderyn-keesh, t'eh smooinaghtyn. 

Candidate stoic over electoral blunder

A candidate who withdrew from the upcoming Douglas East by-election says he fully accepts an apology from the General Registry.

John Hanson was hoping to contest the seat left vacant by Brenda Cannell.

But he was sent an old electoral list in the nomination process by error - meaning he failed to get enough valid signatures before the deadline.

Mr Hanson says he's not angry at the blunder - and thinks restarting the whole process would prove too costly for the taxpayer.

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