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Health strategy debated

Strateish-slaynt goll er resooney

Plan queig pointyn ta kiarail lhiettal y costys girree da cummaltee yn Ellan jeh kiarail slaynt as kiarail y theay, hie eh roish Tinvaal y laa jea (Jemayrt).

Yn trateish noa, ta son ny queig bleeaney ta ry-heet, t'ee kiarail garraghey sorçhyn ennagh dy chiarail veih'n thie-lheihys gys y cho-phobble.

Ta lhiettal drogh-laynt as çhingys ny ard-red sy phlan - cur geill noa da leodaghey riurid, smookal as drogh-ymmyd jeh jough veshtallagh.

As t'ad kiarail cur rish cullee noa - feddyn magh cre'n gorley t'ayn ayns boayl foddey jeh'n turransagh.

Howard Quayle, y Shirveishagh Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay, t'eh gra dy vel foast tooilley obbyr ry-yannoo er yn trateish, as t'eh geearree dy jean theay Vannin cur nyn marelyn my-e-kione.

Health strategy debated

A five-point plan designed to curb the rising cost of health and social care for Island residents went before Tynwald yesterday (Tuesday).

The new strategy, which is for the next five years, aims to shift certain aspects of care from hospital to the community.

The plan makes preventing ill health and disease a priority - with a fresh focus on reducing obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse.

There's also a commitment to using modern techniques, where diagnoses are carried out remotely.

Health and Social Care Minister Howard Quayle says there's still more work to be done on the strategy, and wants the Manx public to contribute to it.

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