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Planning changes in response to calls from public

Caghlaaghyn ayns plannal myr freggyrt da eamyn y theay

Lhiasaghyn jeant veih 1ed Jerrey Geuree

Jannoo y clane coarys ny share, shen dean straih dy chaghlaaghyn 'syn aght ta yeearreeyn plannal currit stiagh ayn. 

Jecrean, 1ed Jerrey Geuree, va yeearreeyn son caghlaaghyn beggey, sessyn gaue thooillaghyn veih'n toshiaght, as taillaghyn son shirrey brialtys, currit stiagh ayn.

Ta treisht ayn dy jean shoh y saase smoo baghtal as smoo entreilagh.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys Geoffrey Boot gra dy vel shoh ny caghlaaghyn ta'n theay er hirrey.

AS GEOFFREY BOOT : Va ny shlee na 170 freggyrt ayn. Hug shin 55 er y chree coyrle scrutee, as s'cronnal eh dy ren shin ceau paart dy hraa myn-vrishey shen. As ta shin er n'yeeaghyn er y clane cooish, as hug shin eab er goaill magh ass ny fod mayd dy yannoo reddyn ny share bentyn rish y clane coarys.

Amendments in place from 1st January

Making the whole system better is the aim of a series of changes to how planning applications are submitted.

On Wednesday, 1st January, minor change applications, flood risk assessments at the outset, and fees for requesting an inquiry were introduced.

It's hoped this will make the process clearer and more accessible.

Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister Geoffrey Boot says these are the alterations the public has asked for:

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