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Quiet room opened for patients at Ronaldsway

Shamyr feagh foshlit son surransee ec Roonysvaie

Ynnyd raad oddys surransee thie-lheihys ta getlagh magh ass yn Ellan goaill fea, as tayrn ennal, roish my jed ad er y jurnaa oc, t'eh er ny 'osley ec Purt-Aer Roonysvaie.

Ta'n çhamyr feagh heose greeishyn, as jeeragh faggys da'n ard-shickyrys.

Paart dy heshaghtyn, erskyn ooilley y Possan Pohlldal Kahngyr Keeagh, t'ad er nobbraghey dy creoi yn seyraad y chiarail.

Bee fer elley er ny 'osley roish foddey ec purt-aer John Lennon Lerpoyll.

Va Carol Male abyl cleayney shellooder Phurt-Aer Lerpoyll, cummaltagh Vannin, John Whittaker, dy chooney lesh cur y fer Çheu Versey fo raad.

Va'n Çhamyr Feagh er ny 'osley liorish y Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys, Ray Harmer.

Quiet room opened for patients at Ronaldsway

A place where hospital patients, travelling off Island by air, can relax and draw breath before making their journey, has been opened at Ronaldsway Airport .

The quiet room is upstairs and just next to the security area.

A number of organisations, in particular the Breat Cancer Support Group, have worked hard to provide the faciity.

There is another one shortly opening at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Carol Male was able to persuade the owner of Liverpool Airport Manx resident John Whittaker, to help get the Merseyside end of things up and running.

The Quiet Room was opened officially by Infrastructure Minister, Ray Harmer.

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